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Hope someone can help...


I recently bought a variax 500 - no problems with the guitar, powers fine by battery.


The problem is that the A/B box does not supply power to the guitar. I suspect its because I have the wrong adapter - can anyone please confirm if its likely that?




Plug in and the 1/4" and XLR lights operate fine

Power lamp on the right does not illuminate.

Plug in the guitar - no signal through to amp.

Plug in guitar with battery - signal is fine.


The adapter I got with the guitar: INPUT 230v ~/ 50hz/ 100ma and OUTPUT 5.2v=/ 1200ma


I have seen that the line 6 power supply has a higher rated output - INPUT of 230z ~/ 50hz / 150mz and OUTPUT 9v=/ 2000ma 18va


So, am I correct in thinking that the power supply I have is, at 7v output, just not hot enough and I need to buy an appropriate replacement?


Many thanks!





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I have the XPS A/B on my pedalboard, along with the boat anchor power supply (see photo).  I would love to get rid of that power supply if there is some other way to power the switch from eg a Cioks 7 power supply that I can use for the rest of my pedals.  Is there a solution that does not require that boat anchor?



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