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US retail return laws actually a negative for music


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4 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:


Please tell me that you don't teach math for a living....;)



9 hours ago, jbuhajla said:

Umm... That's not how it works. When you returned the $1000 microphone, you got your money back, correct? 



Sorry guys... It sounded off when I read it initially then I remembered we had to leave the $700 on the table as s store credit.  I forgot to mention that important detail.  So we end up with spending the same amount of money, but the store gets to sell the merchandise twice.   We have a credit for emergencies and to try stuff out.  It was great if you had a studio which is why I picked microphone.  Need a special mic that you're only gonna use once..  just get it, do your thing, return it.   You always have the store credit in place.   Not sure if they do this anymore, but I had about 2K on credit for several years when I opened my studio back east.   Finally bought a mixer that was on sale..  it was nice to be able to jump on it.  




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Every time I dip a toe in that pool it comes back burnt.


As long as your the one that paid for heating the pool it's all good... It's those that complain about how hot it is without ever swimming in it that I have an issue with. ; )

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2 hours ago, lawrence_Arps said:

I never intended any particular insult of the US.  I love many aspects of US culture music , visual arts, comedy, technology ...I could go on.


When you live so far from the rest of the world (and actually get left off many maps whuch is a PITA) it is easy to feel that every online conversation is premised on the US..unless specifically stated


It's OK NZ! We still love you! And I'm certain that your territory's application for statehood will be accorded all due consideration! (THAT'S sarcasm! Or is it wise-a$$ery? They're so easy to confuse!)

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Part of the issue is with music gear that places like Guitar Center don't have the facilities or allow you the time to really understand how something as complicated as the Helix sounds/functions. You can read manuals all day long and still have questions when you finally get to using it, but you're going to have to hook it up to your gear with with your guitars and put it through the paces of what you need it to do before you can definitely say it will be what you need it to be.  Image if the ONLY test drive you got with a car you had to buy was reading the manual and then pulling it forward in the lot, then backing it up into the place it was parked, then when you go to check the radio 35 other cars in the lot all turn on their radios with with windows down, and when you go to put the windows up the dealer looks at you like you lollipop on the floor already. 

As far as tire-kicking at the local brick-and-mortar and ordering online.....if the stores would figure out a way to add value to you buying from them other than the convenience of return that doesn't require shipping (you know, like hiring staff that is actually knowledgeable, putting people into departments where they actually have some experience, shopper rewards programs, etc) then maybe it wouldn't go that way so much, and the stores would get more sales. I don't/haven't been a return policy abuser, but I also never actually go to GC unless I need a cable last minute or something because 9/10 people in there are either working in a department that is outside their expertise, do not give two deuces about customer service, or they're so part time they're trying to get away with as little customer interaction as possible. 

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