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Helix LT. Horrible noise!


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Hi everyone. New to forum person here with a helix LT hummer .

I’ve had the Helix since August 17. Very pleased with it, however about  4 Weeks ago 

a nasty constant hum has developed. Before everyone starts bouncing back with ideas about

guitar cables and everything else this is a strange one. I use it in 4 cable to my valve amp and don’t use any amp models. So, helix connected to amp with 4 cables or directly in to front of amp, connect the mains lead to the helix and the gruesome loud hum appears before the helix is even switched on!! Driving me nuts now as my last three gigs have not been a pleasurable experience !  Personally I think the helix is duff but any ideas out there guys ??

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1 hour ago, Trotsky said:

before the helix is even switched on

So with it on and hooked up in 4cm do you also have guitar sound with the hum, or just hum alone?

What if you just go straight into the amp input from the left/mono 1/4 output jack, any difference?

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Return it and get HX Effects if you're happy with your amp but just want more options.  HXFX is a pretty solid piece of kit.  


Other than the hardware issues that require sending it in for IC replacement at your expense, of course.


I wish you luck!

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