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Workbench HD with Pod XT Live

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Does anyone know if a JTV-59 can run Workbench HD connected via Pod XT Live VDI connection?


The Workbench Pilot's Guide is ambiguous:


"Any other Line 6 device with a VDI input will also work. This includes the POD HD Pro, POD HD 500, POD X3 Live, POD X3 Pro and Vetta II. Those devices, when connected to your Variax with a Line 6 VDI cable, will also provide power to your Variax."


The first line giveth, but the second may taketh away... 


I do have the USB interface that came with my JTV-59, but it's never been used, whereas I used to use the XT Live with my other Variax guitars and Line 6 Edit before the JTV. That was a long time ago...

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No, according to Line 6 it only works with the following: 

Helix LT
Helix Rack
James Tyler Variax
Variax USB Interface


To be sure, you might want to write Line6 support. 

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21 hours ago, psarkissian said:

What Flash version is the guitar?

You need Flash v2.00 or higher for Workbench HD.

You may or may not need a current version board,

but check the Flash first.


Connects fine thru my X3 Live at my bench. Have to see if we have an XT Live to check with.

I have the most recent firmware on the JTV.


Thanks for your efforts - looking forward to the verdict.


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Shows up on Monkey and Workbench HD through an XT Live here in Support.


My 59 has v2.22 Flash, connected with a VDI cable with the Canon shells on both

ends, and not that cheap generic CAT5 stuff and a good USB to the back of the computer

(not the front USB).


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Thanks -- I have two 'proper' VDI cables with Neutrik connectors -- one that came with my 500 way back when, and a Planet Waves cable I bought later on. Also know to connect to the rear USB, which are direct mobo connectors.


We'll give it a go...

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