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Line6 VDI Cables not working

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My VDI cable is getting older and cuts out sometimes, so I'm trying to replace it. My setup is a JTV89 to an HD500, and my old cable generally works but I've tried buying two of these brand new with no luck:



No sound, can't turn on the JTV because it doesn't detect a signa. It doesn't list my equipment as compatible, but I'm fairly certain it's the right onel. Anybody have any ideas why?

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Seems unlikely that two new cables are both defective... have to consider the possibility that the problem lies elsewhere. The connector either at the guitar or the POD could be the culprit. Does the guitar work with the battery and 1/4" cable? 


If it's not the guitar or the POD, then get one of these:




It's a sturdier cable, and will probably cost you less than you shelled out at GC, unless you order one that's a mile long.

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2 hours ago, AndyfromFL said:

Anybody have any ideas why?


Sounds like it's time for its 50,000 mile check-up and servicing. 


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