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Service Results - Technical Bulletin 059 - Blown Transformer


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For 2 days I've been trying to figure out how to reply to posts made in existing threads and I can't figure it out so I will start a new thread with hopes someone can guide me in the proper direction. I apologize if this has been covered in detail elsewhere.

After struggling trying to define some of the many problems I'm having with my DT50 2x12 rig I stumbled onto the issue of the blown power transformer. I am currently trying to get my gear "road-ready" and have yet to be bitten by the blown transformer. I never received an email regarding Technical Bulletin 059. That being said I got a support ticket and sent in the following request.

"RE: Technical Bulletin 059 I don't think I received an email regarding the blown transformer issue and currently my amp appears to be working fine but I plan on taking this amp on the road for a couple months so I thought I'd send in my serial in hopes you might be able to tell me if my amp might be one of those affected by this issue. Here is my serial. Thanks! (21) A891S6040XXXXX."

I received a prompt response from Line 6 support which said the following.


Yes, I have reviewed tech bulletin 59 and I can confirm for you that your amp is one of the amps that could possibly be affected. I'm not sure if your amp has already been serviced regarding this issue, but this would be a warranty repair. Since you are in Canada, you would have to take this unit to an authorized service center in Canada. Authorized service centers can be searched at the web address below:


I hope this is helpful."

So my questions are as follows...

1. For those of you who have had your amps serviced under this warranty "recall" have you continued to blow transformers after the service has been rendered?

2. One of the Service Center locations listed is fortunately the repair shop I use regularly on my gear and I have always been very satisfied with its work (Backline Audio, Vancouver). How does the warranty work? Do I just bring it into Backline, tell them it is under warranty and let them deal with it?

3. Other than the potential reliability issue I love this amp and the way it interfaces with my HD 500. Can I rely on the fact that servicing the amp in the manner indicated above will give me the reliability I require being a professional musician or would I be better off selling the Line 6 gear and buying a more reliable product.

Any info would be valued, thanks.

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1. i've not heard of anyone having issues after the bulletin 059 fix, it is a recent bulletin so its real hard to go by that. I've had the fix myself and i'm pretty happy with it.

2. yes just take the amp to them, it will help if you reference the particular bulletin number. the generally require the original receipt so if you have that it might be handy, but i do believe that bulletin 059 applies regardless of warranty status, meaning the original receipt may not be required.

3. reliability is always going to be a concern, after the fix I would safely say that the amp would be as reliable as any other tube amp if the proper care is taken you should be fine.



PS. the older thread was probably on the older forum which is read only status.

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I contacted Backline Music Services which was listed in the Service Centers document.


Unfortunately, Backline does not do Line-6 warranties anymore, ever since their distribution went from "SF to Yorkville".  BTW, what is SF, the previous distributor?


Also, does anybody know the cost of the service without the warranty?

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  • 3 weeks later...

I purchased my DT50 Head on August 2012. Received an email about my serial number qualified for tech bulletin 59 in April 2013 and I sent it to Line6 to do it.. The only thing wrong before the update was some severe hiss on some patches using the HD500 with it, as well as some slight noise and pops by itself, which the latest firmware seemed to mostly fix. Amp cam back about two weeks later and seemed fine. June 15th, it would not power on, found out the main fuse (5 amp) was blown. Bought a couple new fuses and tried it again. New fuse blew immediately on power up (tried it twice, blown both times). From my research, most people with this problem ended up having a new transformer installed to fix the problem (which I believe tech bulletin 59 was supposed to fix). Looks like it is off to be inspected again. I have had it for less than a year, hopefully the fix won't cost me. Thank goodness I have my Mesa dual rectifier as a backup still (which has never had an issue)


I'll put an update if I ever get one...


I have an update. Luckily an authorized repair facility was only 60 miles from my house, so I dropped it off and several weeks later it was fixed. The repairs were related to Technical Bulletin 059, and whatever part was installed during that had failed so Line 6 covered it under warranty. Awesome. If it wasn't covered, it would have been around $170 for the inspection parts and install. Here is a list of the parts and model numbers installed to make my DT50 operational again:
11-30-0044 Power Transformer
03-23-0101 Capacitor 100uF/160V
24-18-1625 Littlefuse 239 01.6, Series 239 1.6A/250V Slo blo
So in summary a new power transformer, capacitor and fuse is what was needed. I asked the tech is they found a reason why the original parts failed, no answer given. I'm just hoping the new hardware lasts.
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I was told that the fix is so that the external fuse (the one on the back of the amp you can get to) would open first on an over current issue, rather than the hard wired one on the inside first... fyi...

They didnt change anything that might effect tone or setup of the amplifier, they just made it operate correctly on an over current issue if that happens...

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I purchased my DT50 head back in June of 2012, and the following May i started having problems with the amp. Didn't get any sound and the new fuses I replaced blew immediately. Turns out it was one of the models that needed to be sent in to a Canadian distributer to be repaired. I drove it to the Yorkville location in Pickering, where it sat for a good portion of the summer (over 2 months). I finally got the amp head back and it seemed to work fine. However, NOW my amp is once again giving me problems... every time i turn on the amp it makes a loud popping sound and has a continuous hum. When I brought it into a local guitar shop to have assessed, they said the internal transformer was somehow dented (the one rep even went as far as saying that it looked like it had been beaten with a bat). I found this quite strange as the only people that have repaired my head were the guys over at Yorkville. I love the sound that the DT50 creates, but it seems that it has come with a price of not only the price tag, but the headaches that go along with fixing it. 

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My amp was in perfect shape and suddenly after 2 hours of playing at room volume, the transformer died when in stand-by mode.

250$ for the transformer as spare parts in Europe.

Blasted, have you read my thread on the DT50?

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On 11/25/2020 at 1:12 AM, luckylours said:

Unfortunately not. But still interested Even if i am 5 five years late ;)  which one Brazzy ? 

this one ? 


Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a while, lol, I think it’s the one. :)


Line 6 fixed it for me and since it’s been working really good.

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8 hours ago, luckylours said:

Hey Brazzy, Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving for you ! 

I am from Switzerland so we do not celebrate  thanksgiving ;) 

I have changed power transformer and relays on mine. I like my DT amps , they are amazingly good  !!!


Thank You

Glad to hear you fixed it up. 

You needed to replace your relays too?


I don’t know exactly what Line 6 did to my DT50 but I like it. As far as I know they did the transformer but maybe they had more to do. I’m just glad they fixed it. 


 I also dig the amp very much. 

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