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Helix through Katana 212 Amp


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13 minutes ago, Oggyswain said:

Does anyone use the Helix through a Katana 212 Amp? Do they sound good together? I am currently using a Boss GT100 and I hate the sound I'm getting. Just wanted to know your opinion of matching up the two.






It depends on what you want to do. If it's just effects it'll sound great. However, I don't think the Katana has a flat response setting so you're probably out of luck on the use of IRs, etc.

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34 minutes ago, Oggyswain said:

What amps would have a flat response setting that would work well with the Helix?


There are numerous FRFR options these days, from the reasonably priced to units that will require that your kids skip college ;).... and you'll probably find a dozen or more threads on the topic for each product currently on the market, lol. Search around the forum a bit and you'll be able to read for weeks about the various options that folks are using. 

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I got my helix earlier in the week and I've used mine with a katana 100 straight into effects loop and it sounds alright, it's hard to tell at home as I can't really crank the katana. I don't have any PA system at home to try. Will try it straight into pa next practice session and compare between sound from the katana. At the moment my plan is to try a combo of katana and pa. Using the katana as a monitor for myself by going out on one of the loops before an IR. Then the main output goes to pa after an IR block. I will compare the two and come back here with results if I remember. Another option I may potentially explore is 4 cable method and see about using the midi commands from helix instead of the GA-FC (which is what I used along with pedals before the helix).

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39 minutes ago, Dwf2008 said:

So, would you get a flat response if you used the aux in jack on the katana?


You would probably get a flatter response.  Traditionally guitar amps haven't been designed to be flat. MAYBE the Katana has a flat response option, but to my knowledge the only all in one amp series that does is the Spider V. 


The Katana does have an acoustic option, so maybe it has a more flat response approach.  The acoustic setting might be a better setting because it will have more range than a standard electric guitar setting, but I don't know if it has a EQ layer plastered over it that would mess it up at all. 


Here's something to test. Plug in a music player in the auxiliary port and listen to how it sounds through the amp.  Does it sound pretty true to form of how it would sound on a standard stereo system?  If so then it means the Katana will handle it decently well. 

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