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Anytime I use strymon timeline it has weird latency / phase issues. Can I run it in parallel with helix delays ?


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1 hour ago, brand0n said:

If I put it in split it sounds really weird. Even having it in chain colors the tone whether timeline is engaged or not. 


Does anyone use timeline in an Fx loop with success?


helix and timeline are both on latest update 


The issue with running an effects loop in parallel is you're creating two parallel dry paths, and the dry path running through the Timeline is slightly lagging behind the one running through the Helix. The Timeline itself has an analog dry through, but the issue the converters for the FX loop itself. You could try to compensate for by using a Simple Delay block in the path that the Timeline isn't in and have the Mix set to 100 and adjusting the delay time as needed. I would start with 2ms, maybe. The other option is the Timeline a Kill Dry setting that would mute the dry path through the Timeline. That's a global setting in the Timeline, though, so that wouldn't work if you sometimes use the Timeline in series.

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