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Variax 500 piezo on G string issues

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I'm having a very specific problem with the G-string piezoelectric pickup on my Variax 500. Much of the time, the signal goes dead; there is no sound coming from it. However, after pressing down on it, for a few seconds to a few minutes the sound will return, but it will then get fuzzy and fade out to nothing again. This started a week or two ago. Is this a grounding issue, a signal wire issue, or something entirely different? And how can it be fixed?



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It's likely a dirty contact point in the saddle where the piezo sits or a failing piezo. Try moving the string aside and applying some electronic contact cleaner to the piezo surface, If that doesn't resolve things you may need to replace the piezo - sometimes they fail.


If replacing one I would replace the whole set; the rest may not be far behind in terms of failure. Contact Line 6 for availability.



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