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Stuttering and silence


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Hi all.  


I'm currently still on firmware 2.81.  Had no issues with my helix floor until upgrading firmware a few months back.  After the backup and upgrade a whole heap of presets I'd made did not function properly, with 'snapshot unable to be recalled' (or a very similar message) being shown in HX edit.  What I found was that reverb or delay blocks seemed to be at fault and I had to go through and change them (delete block and add it back in again) and re-save all the presets so they worked again and could be saved and reconfigured in snapshots.


Now I have that all fixed I have recently, in the last 3 weeks, experience my unit starting to cut out, either indefinitely, ie screen still lit, ability to change presets and snapshots etc but no audio coming from the unit, or the unit will stutter, ie I could play a chord and let it ring and the audio being transmitted either to monitors or amp (this happened live at the weekend) cuts in and out in a very random and digital way.  There's no manipulation of the sound (warping etc), just like there is a mute switch being flicked on and off intermittently.  It feels like this is a processor issue, but I don't really know.


Any recommendations?  Should I just backup the unit and update to the latest firmware and hope this fixes the problem?

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4 hours ago, gunpointmetal said:

Two dumb questions to troubleshoot: are you using active pickups and is the battery fresh? Did a gate setting get changed?

One more dumb troubleshooting question: does the issue persist with multiple guitars?

My first thought would be to backup and do a full update/reset.


If THAT doesn't work, time to open a support ticket.

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1a) passive pickups

1b) no gate was changed, I was using the unit in a lesson yesterday and it went from working to silent in the space of a couple of minutes while I was explaining something to a student and the unit wasn’t touched, or plugged into computer so it couldn’t have been changed from there


2) yes it does.  When it happened at the gig on Saturday I thought it was a cable issue so I swapped cables, same problem continued so I used the new cable with my backup guitar and problem persisted.


I’ll back up, restore and update today and see if this works thanks for the help guys/gals.

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Late to the party but this has been happening to me. It was just very occasionally to start with but has gradually increased. It did have a minor blip at a gig last week but seemed mostly fine until yesterday when it went full monty, stuttering and cutting out. I'm on 3.15 (current latest release), cables all good, passive pups etc. I have done a full reset and restored the back up and so far during one rehearsal it seemed okay. Curious if anyone else has had this problem and if this solution fixes it ?

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