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HX Stomp Stereo Effects loop


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I have an HX Stomp and a Strymon Volante delay pedal.  Here is what I want to do..... I'd like to run the Volante in the Stereo FX loop of the HX Stomp so I can place comp and gain effects before the delay and reverb, while placing a looper and or reverb after the Volante. I would like to run stereo from the Volante. So far I am using a TRS cable from the "send" of the HX stomp.  I then connect both L and R sides to both inputs of the Volante.  I then run stereo outs to the "Return L" and "Return R" on the HX stomp.  I am using the block FX LOOP L/R (with the stereo circles indicating I am running a stereo block).  The result is that I get more output from the Left than the Right side.  I have also isolated the Volante to ensure the problem does not exist on the Volante.  So... how do I fix this?  I get sound but its really unbalanced.  Any insights?

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9 minutes ago, jasonmelani said:

Sorry been away on travel but thank you for responding.  I am still trying to figure out this thing, so I am not completely sure how to share a preset.  I may do a hard reset since I don't have much on this device. But from what you see... do I have the correct block?


Before you do a reset, go to Global Settings>Ins/Outs and make sure you have Send/Return L and Send/Return R both set to Instrument Level (they are set individually - it sounds like you make have one set to the Line and the other set to Instrument).

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I did a search and this was the closest topic. Sorry if it's been addressed elsewhere. 


I'm trying to set up my board and want to run true stereo effects loop. Do I need a Y cable out of the send, and then both L/R back into the stomp? I read the manual but couldn't figure it out. 



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9 minutes ago, tedfrelke said:

Do I need a Y cable out of the send


If your first device in the loop has a stereo input: yes. The FX Loop block must be the stereo version, too.

Although, if your signal before the FX Loop block is still mono anyway, then it should work with a simple mono send cable as well.


11 minutes ago, tedfrelke said:

then both L/R back into the stomp?



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Great. Thanks for the help. 


I've never run true stereo before but I think splitting the signal in the stomp and then sending it through my favorite delays and reverb will yield really cool effects. FWIW, Here's my board. I'm running mono through the whole right side before heading into the stomp input. From there, it's stereo loop through Echo Park, Obscura, Supernatural, Ditto and back into stomp. Can't wait to hear how it sounds. 


Any advice on inital setup with the loop? I've read I need to set the impedance and line/instrument levels. 


Thanks again!


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