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Removing Volume Knob - JTV-69

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Is there any trick to removing the volume knob from the JTV69? It doesn't seem to want to budge and I don't want to mess it up by pulling on it if it's not going to come loose....


Thanks for any help here. 


Best to all,

Bradley GT

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Thank for the response. When I removed the plastic from the pickguard a large piece refused to come loose from under the volume control knob. Part of it is still under there and sticks out. Just would like to clean it up. Personal pride thing I guess... nothing functional.

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Be very careful loosening the nut under it. It holds in a bracket underneath. If it gets too loose, it can fall inside.

Also, if it gets too loose and you tighten the nut again, it can leave the Model knob off center and can hang-up when

you go to engage the Models. So be very careful and aware.  



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This is interesting, My jTV69 has stopped responding to model changes from my Pod hd500 and it happened just after I tightened up my loose volume knob. I never connected the two things until I saw this post. Could that have caused my problem and if so what can I do about it?


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27 minutes ago, psarkissian said:

Loose nut under the knob can result in an intermittent chassis ground,

and that can lead to a host of minor issues.



Thanks - it did come off. I VERY lovingly and gently worked it loose using a pair of spoons. It didn't want to come off at all. Took about a half hour moving it a micron at a time so as not to stress the pot. It went back on a lot easier than it came off. Allowed me to cleanly removed the leftover pickguard plastic. Best to all!!!


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I used a couple of those plastic levers you can get to help dismantle the dashboards etc of cars.  They're very cheap - literally pennies - and are designed not to damage surrounding areas, so ideal for this job. Use two levers set at 180 degrees to each other and pry up very gradually, turning the knob a few degrees each time before applying pressure to the levers.


I needed to get the knob off so that I could spray some contact cleaner onto the dirty pot track without having to dismantle everything. Worked a treat, now noiseless and no damage whatever to the guitar.


A good, efficient, cheap fix 

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