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L2t Versus Shertler Jam 150 For Ultimate Acoustic Guitar/vocal

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I am seriously ready to pull the trigger on a high end combo for my acoustic guitars and vocals in a duo setup.  I am comparing the Shertler Jam 150, a very high end acoustic guitar combo amp to the L2T.  I would love any feedback from anyone who has owned the Shertler and gone to the L2T or vice versa.  I do want excellent sound, very studio quality as I gig professionally and need the best for my audiences.

I have tried all other guitar combo amps and though there are some good ones, there are no great ones except for the Shertler line.   Thanks very much

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I don't have experience with the brand you mentioned but I can put to you that the StageSource gear has presets that will spread a grin across your guitar playing face.

If you want a true representation of your acoustic guitar use the L3t on Reference (this will give you a very near studio replication of your instrument)

If you are at a gig with lots of background noise you may find the acoustic dsp more to your liking (it will reduce common resonant frequencies making it more pleasant for acoustic guitar and less feedback-y)

there is a smile setting which boosts treble and bass for low volume- which I never use


If you look at the other posts on L2m there are a few units out there with a fan rattle issue currently so maybe hold off until they sort it out. I also recomend the L3(m/t) for the frequency response and field pattern. It sounds great from a wide listening angle - something traditional guitar amps are very poor at (normally one person in the audience gets great sound at high volume while the rest of the crowd gets mud).

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