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Powercab plus 212 vs Dual 112s


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Hi folks,


Looking into getting a powercab plus to go with my helix rack. Just wondering what the pros and cons of having the 2 speaker cabinet vs 2 of the 112 sitting either corner of tbe room. Would it create a better mor open stereo sound? 


Mostly just for home use. I have a decent sized room that I use. 


Price is fairly similar so thought I'd do some research, but not too many posts out there. 

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From my experience with the Spider V 240HC with and without a 4x12 cabinet.  The stereo effect is hardly noticable because the speakers are too close to each other.  You have to use effects that are not very busy to notice it, and you have to get up very close.  I have 2 Headrush FRFR 112 speakers and with my Helix I really enjoy the stereo effects because I can place them wherever I want.  I also have a Powercab 112 Plus and am contemplating purchasing another one to enjoy the stereo effects.   I also have studio monitors that work great to experience stereo sound.   I have lots of fun creating wet/dry/wet with the PC and the HR cabinets.   


I would personally purchase 2 PC+ instead of a 212 to experience stereo.


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Pros of 212 vs.  dual 112s

Less weight / easier transport

Smaller footprint / less space on floor/stage

Second input can be used as a monitor

Slightly cheaper


Pros of dual 112s vs 212:

Better stereo effect

If traveling, option to take only 1, even easier transport than 212

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The PC212 has a wider stereo image than a regular 212 cab.  Not sure if they tilt the speakers or just use phase tricks when eq'ing it flat.  But, as noted before, that disappears pretty quickly the further you step away.

2 cabinets in the corners of the room will always have more stereo spread.


BUT - are you really even using stereo?  Most things guitar related stereo sounds are not much better in stereo than in mono, unless you're using a ping pong delay or something really obvious.

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