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controlling Powercab + IRS via Helix and HXEdit

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Hello everybody,


so i've been using my helix for one year now and i've bought recently a beautiful 212 plus ( to replace my 112+...stereo you know...).

I wasn't using IRs with my 112 + but i wanted to test this option with my 212+

So i've created some presets with IRS on my 212+ using the editor...everything working manually.

when i want to load the preset using HXedit in a snapshot or a preset, that's not working....but you have the powercab IR button in the program....so ! am i missing something ?...

why should i use MIDI CC when it should possible via may L6 link AES/EBU ?

anyone can answer to this tremendous question ?

regards from France


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When you're controlling the Powercab from the Helix with the L6 Link connection, you don't change presets on the Powercab. You just control all the settings in the Powercab in the Helix preset and/or snapshot. So if you want to select a different IR in the Powercab in a Helix preset, you select the User IR tab, like you said, and then select which IR you want using the parameter labeled "User IR [1+2]" in HX Edit. The IR number don't correspond to the Powercab presets. They correspond to the position of the IR in the library in Powercab Edit.



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