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The first step for updating is downloading and installing HX Edit 3.0


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I just bought a new Helix floor and it came with firmware version 2.30.0.  I need to get to the latest versions of everything. As of yet I have not installed nor updated anything. I am yet to receive my verification from L6 for my free version of Helix Native as well. Otherwise I have been to the support site and downloaded all of the latest software.


I couldn't find any info on whether I needed to to incremental updates to the firmware or can go straight to 3.0.1. Anyone care to give a little direction here?  Most of the release notes and other info I find seems to be referring to units that have been running on a previous vversion, perhaps not new purchases.


For example, should I do a backup of 2.30 although I have made no edits to presets, etc? I would assume not but think it best to double check.


Also I notice a couple of files in the downloads that say they support Catalina and one says it supports HX and Stomp. They may have been the workbench and the helix driver 2. Do I even need these? If so, do they need to be installed first so the rest of the software will run on Catalina?


It would be great if there were a support document that says, congrats on your new purchase, first things first, here's what all you need to install and update, in the following order:....


Perhaps there is such a page, but if so, I couldn't find it. I'm not entirely sure what all I need and what I don't to get up to date. Any direction on specifics here would be greatly appreciated. I'm running MacOS Catalina just FYI.


Thanks in advance!


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8 hours ago, Gone2Gig said:

Perhaps there is such a page, but if so, I couldn't find it. I'm not entirely sure what all I need and what I don't to get up to date. Any direction on specifics here would be greatly appreciated.



This forum is littered with posts about how to update, but hopefully the process is about to be improved with the next update to Firmware 3.1. due for release soon.

Read, study and inwardly digest the information and then go ahead and update.

Follow this procedure.



Hope this helps/makes sense.

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Do I need HD workbench or is it only if using the Variax?


Do I need to install the Helix Driver 2 and if so, at what point? I couldn't find any specifics on this after reading through all of the update material. It simply says it adds support for the HX stomp XL, yet it says it works with Helix as well. The previous version of this driver says it adds support for Catalina. Not sure if this driver is required or not, or possibly gets installed through the firmware update? Have been through all the documentation and forum posts and have found no specific instructions for this driver.


If I can find answers for these two questions, I think I will be good on the rest.





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The basic method is to download the latest version of Helix Edit, and it will prompt you through the update process for the unit. You don't need to incrementally update, you just need the latest. If an issue arises with updating through Edit, the standard solution seems to be using L6 Update, although I've never had such an issue and have no experience with Update. 

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Thx for the info. I had actually already installed the latest HX Edit and started the update, it seemed to have an issue with recognizing my keyboard during the firmware upgrade although I'm using a 2019 MacBook Pro with the stock keyboard. I followed the onscreen prompt to hit the key next to the left shift button, the update never continued on. Eventually the activity monitor said that HX edit had stopped responding. So all was pretty straightforward and uneventful until that point. Now we are not all the way through the update and seem to be stuck. I've never had a process stop responding on the MBP as long as I have owned it and have done LOTS of firmware updates on different devices in the past. Haven't had an issue for many years in doing FW updates. L6 support is not open on weekends. Thinking I might be bricked.

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For reasons unknown I no longer seem to be able to run HX Edit. I'm on Windows 10, and if I double click the icon I get a momentary flash of the hourglass/wheel and then nothing.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version, run a spyware check, turned it off and back on again, but nothing.


Does anybody have any ideas why? 



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Check to see if you have an SD card in an expansion slot.  If so, disengage the SD card.  I spent hours and hours troubleshooting the same problem only to find out from some of the computer gurus here that all I had to do was take out the SD card.  Voila.  

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12 minutes ago, Surf_Digby said:

Granted I'm no computer expert, but my brain can't comprehend why that would have any influence on whether a piece of software opens or not.

That’s because your brain is not a computer.


This “bug” is very well documented on here, and for many people it’s a complete PITA.


You don’t need to know why - it just does.

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