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reamping low gain no good guitar sound


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When reamping,


by processing the DRY/CLEAN signal through USB method  (by using the 3/4 signal imput) into the 

pedal board for recording.....

BASICALLY the  new track (processed) and recorded on my DAW with  distortion and FXs etc DOESNT  sound good...

there's not much gain, and the sounds is just like a cheap pedal board....


any suggestion please????

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Your question isn't very clear.  Or just doesn't make any sense to me... If you're sending a dry/clean signal through USB and then applying distortion via software (not PGO) how is it the PGO's issue that " there's not much gain"   lol  


Maybe this is related?


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Sorry Maybe I didn't write it properly... 

You know when you have your dry/clean guitar track recorded on your DAW and you want to re-amp it through the pod go? 


Well the new recorded track (now with all the fxs distortion  etc... )Has no much gain and sounds lollipop..

Wondering how to fix the problem... Or any suggestion about where I can look for solution... Tutorial for reamping etc... 





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That most important rule is to make sure your DAW is feeding your dry signal back to POD at exactly the same level it was originally recorded at. Try re-amp though an empty preset with no active blocks. The dry re-amp'd signal should be exactly the same volume as your original dry track. If it isn't, then your gain staging is messed up somewhere and that's the first thing you need to fix.

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