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Updating Helix LT firmware from 2.30 straight to 3.00?


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I'm sorry about this question, i might just miss something, but I've read the update guide and it didn't really make it clear to me.

Right now I have Helix LT at 2.30. As title says should i update it straight to 3.00 or extra steps should be taken?


The reason I ask is because when i had Helix LT back in a day at 2.30 the latest firmware was 2.82. To install this one i had to update to 2.71 first because somehow 2.80 wasn't installing above 2.30.

So my update steps were 2.30 -> 2.71 -> 2.80 -> 2.82.


I don't really wanna brick Helix or something, so just to make sure I made a topic here.

Sorry once again.

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Haven't updated in steps as you described. Have updated to new version when it has been available. But see no reason not to be able to go from 2.30 to 3.01. It's stated in in release notes for both firmware and HX Edit that you can update from any previous version (or to quote from latest HX Edit release notes - "Doesn't matter what version of HX Edit you're currently running; you can go straight to 3.01."). Don't think the reason to a bricked Helix will be the upgrade itself. More likely a bad USB cable, not compatible USB-port, using a USB-hub, not following release note instructions... You do the upgrade from the latest HX Edit version. When doing the update, my routine is to -

  • Make a backup of all patches, settings and IR's on installed version of HX Edit (just to be sure if you need  to go back...).
  • Uninstall excising version (to avoid remains from previous installation and in verst case get two installations...).
  • Install the latest HX Edit and follow the instruction. Do not uncheck anything during installation just click next/finish (if un-checking eg the drivers all needed drivers will sometimes not install, has happened a few times). I guess this will be fixed from 3.01 as this version force to upgrade the HX Edit to latest version before you can upgrade your Helix and hopefully the procedure will be optimized.       

If you are unlucky to brick you Helix there are tons of help how to reset the Helix, go into update mode, load firmware from L6 Updater, what to look for if you lose connection etc. on this forum. Look for posts by Datacommondo, HonestOpinion, rd2rk and many more, they have helped a numerus of uses out of failed updates, bricked Helix's and lost connections between PC/MAC and Helix.  


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Glad it whent well for you. 

Line6 has improved the update process a lot in the latest releases and now from 3.01 it will force you to upgrade Edit before upgrading to new firmware, we will se that when 3.1 arrives. Almost so simple that you may think something went wrong ;-). Interesting that  HX Edit 3.01 made the upgrade 2.3 -> 2.8 -> 3.01 in the same run, that's cool.


Take care...//Per

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