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Did the 3.1 update change stomp 6 scribble wording?


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Before I updated to 3.1, I'm pretty sure stomp #6 displayed the message "MODE" in a big font and "Hold TO Exit" in a smaller font on the 2nd line.


Now it shows "Preset Stomp" on the first line and "Hold TO Edit" on the second line.


Is this a new feature or did I change something on the fly by accident?  


Any help would be appreciated. 

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On 4/19/2021 at 8:04 AM, talonmm said:

Thanks guys, I guess I did not see that and I should do a better job of reading...




Heh, don't feel bad, I know for a fact you are not the only one who skimmed over that release note. When I first saw the new text in my scribble strip and was busy appreciating how useful I thought it was this is what ran through my head, "Has that been there for a while or is that new?  Don't think I remember seeing that there before, but maybe it was. Am I really that unobservant? Nah, that is definitely new.".   :-)

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