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4CM w/Tube Amp (Helix Preamps)


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On 7/8/2021 at 8:40 AM, dacop13 said:

Hi, does anyone else out there use their Helix in 4CM with a tube amp, using Helix Preamps only? 


The way this is worded I am wondering why 4CM would be needed. If you are using the Helix Preamps only... then you wouldn't be using the "pre-amp" of a tube amp.... just the power amp. IMO... just run an output of the Helix to the "power amp input" on the tube amp and call it a day. 


If you plan on switching between the pre-amps in the Helix and the one from the actual amp, then yes - 4CM is needed and it is quite popular among users. Just insert a LOOP that sends to the amp and returns after the pre-amp. Set a switch that toggles the loop on/off while simultaneously toggling the helix preamp off/on. The switch will toggle between the Helix preamp and the amps pre-amp. Of course.... you could also program all of that into snapshots as well. 


Lots of options.

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