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Hello all,


My JTV-69 fell down and broke off a tuner. :-(  I have a few questions:

1. Can I can get a replacement Line 6 JTV-69 tuner assembly (i.e., just one)?  Is there a part number and store that anybody can recommend?

2. If not, do any of you have recommendations for a good replacement brand/model?  I've been told that Gotohs are good.  Is there a model that works well for JTV-69?


Thanks in advance!



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you could always use it as a chance to upgrade...

the USA models use hipshot tuners, i don't think that the holes line-up on those though....


i upgraded my older variax to planet wave autotrims... very easy upgrade.

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i always hate spending money to end up exactly where i started...

i use situations like this to improve things and get ahead.

that's what i'd do!


Looks like the consensus is for upgrading the entire lot - thanks!

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