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Why are some footswitches not compatible with Spider V?


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Hi everybody, I have a spider V, but i wanna buy any footswitch for it, and on the web I found some of second hand. 
I found:
- Shortboard MK1
- Old floorboard
- FBV express mk1

I believe those aren't incompatible with spider V, but these have the same connector what footswitch compatibles, Why are incompatible?

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Actually, any of the controllers with FBV in their name will work with the Spider V. The old FBV Longboard will have some switches that don’t do anything, but it still works. The only controllers that won’t work are the really old “FB” series (the original Floorboard and such). How they all work with the Spider V is detailed pretty well in the manual.


The FBV3 gives you the most information because it allow color coding of footswitches. The other thing is, though, that the earlier FBV switches are set up so that you can only have one of each type of effect in a preset. With the FBV3, none of the effects switches are set except for the Comp, so it makes it easier to keep track of what effect is assigned to what switch.

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