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Hd500x - Through Amp, Or Just Through A Cab?


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Hey, so, when I first got my pod, I was playing mostly through my Spider III - I set up my presets for it, and it sounded okay like that. However, recently, my Spider went to crap on me, and so I've been playing mostly through headphones - and I realized just how entirely different EVERYTHING sounded. So, I started all my tones from scratch, and have everything sounding really nice through headphones.
Now I'm looking to replace my Spider so I can actually play out loud, and I'm wondering what would work better - to chain like: Guitar->Pod->combo-amp, or if I can essentially use the Pod as an amp head, not bother with a combo amp, and go directly to a speaker cab.

What are the pros and cons of each setup?

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You can't go directly from the Pod to a cab. The Pod has no power section, so it cannot drive a speaker cabinet. If you don't want a combo, or a head, you'll need a separate power amp. But no matter which way you go, be prepared to tweak everything all over again with whatever set-up you choose. Patches that work for headphones will sound VERY different through anything else.

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Other option is a good powered PA speaker.  That is the route I went because I wanted full range acoustic sounds.  There are many to choose from.  I went with an EV ZLX-12P.  It sounds great and its plenty loud.  The Line6 PA speakers are good too - more expensive though.

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I would recommend looking into one of our StageSource speakers. Using the L6 link connection out of the POD HD to the StageSource will solve this issue you tend to be running into. With this connection you will achieve a full range flat response from the speaker, therefore keeping your tone in the studio and the stage consistent without having to constantly tweak presets. With each preset the POD remembers the speakers output mode and considering that it is full range it can support a multitude of different instruments (acoustic guitars, mandolins, dobros etc..) without going through a mid range focused guitar amp.



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Wow.... people complain when they don't hear from Line 6 and when Line 6 does chime in to make a suggestion, it's followed by a smart a$$ comment. They can't win here.

First of all, it's called sarcasm...not intended to be taken seriously. But I'm sure the company appreciates you leaping to their defense. Maybe they'll send you a coupon.


Second, I'm a realist. I don't expect firmware updates every five minutes or a press release about future products every time their R&D dept has a meeting. Plenty of others whine about being "abandoned"...I've got better things to do. Generally, I don't think that L6 is any better or worse at customer relations than any other company I've dealt with. I like their products, and I'm sure I'll buy more. In fact, I'm considering a Stagesource set-up myself. At the same time, I've been around long enough to learn not to expect perfection or miracles from anybody. The instant gratification crowd doesn't seem to grasp that.


All that gotta admit it is kinda funny that with all the issues raised on the forums, and as rare as it is for anyone "official" to say anything at all, when they do its: "The solution to your problem is to buy more of our stuff". And I'm sorry, but unless you have absolutely no sense of humor at all...thats funny.


There...I clarified. All better now?

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Line6 SUPPORT does not actively monitor the forums.


the line6 product specialists are new here, and they are not intended to provide support, nor do they have particular knowledge of what line6 is working on etc.


they work with the retail outlets and in store customers providing product knowledge helpful to potential customers.


which is exactly what he was doing here.


i welcome their participation.


i also appreciate sarcasm, thanks for clearing that up...

hard to gauge sometimes in black and white text.


at this point the product specialists are on the forums voluntarily

and i hope that the community in general, makes them feel welcome so that we can all enjoy their continued participation.

they will hopefully learn as much from us as we will from them.



And yet there are those who tell us that Line6 doesn't monitor this forum.

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A good secret weapon to make a 1 12" guitar amp good for Pod use is the 

Eminence Delta Pro-12A 12" Cast Frame Driver. Though a PA speaker it is a beast for guitar cabs and doesn't have the typical midrange variances associated with "guitar cab" speakers.
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