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  1. I have a Peavey Bandit 112 ("silver stripe") and couldn't be happier with my sounds with HD500X and the amp was a stored in closet since 1997 amp that looked brand new. The price? $60, the best money I've spent yet on music gear. I'm looking for another for stereo plus the things only weigh about 40 lbs. I also have a Carvin V3 2x12 100 watt tube combo but lifting over 80 lbs with only a top handle into my car trunk is a no go for me. I can easily put the Peavey and my Yamaha g100-112 series lll into the trunk with room to spare. I use the Yamaha as a personal "PA" when playing with my keyboard friend. I would buy another Yamaha too but they are pricier and harder to find and I like the Peavy just as much. Both are solid state by the way and well known for their clean channel.
  2. I ended up NOT using the effects loop on amp at all. just going guitar into POD and left/mono output into guitar amp, sounds fine. I just bought a X3 Live and am using a Pyle SM58 clone mic for vocals into the Yamaha G100-112 amp (the HD500X goes into a Peavey Bandit 112 for my guitar only). This has proven perfect for practicing with a keyboard friend who also uses his Carvin keyboard amp and extra speaker as a "PA". I must say that these old 100 watt transistor amps work really well (and cheap) with the POD's, they are 2 channel amps with a great clean tone and an unusable (for me) distortion channel, but it's that wonderful clean channel that works so well with the POD's. I have a Carvin V3 100 watt all tube combo also but due to the ungodly weight of the thing I just use it at home. Plus both of the little 1x12" speaker amps are light and fit into my car trunk no problem. They can go louder than I would ever want to play for sure.
  3. Ooops, I meant using the Yamaha and Peavey as a "stereo" rig to use the POD's dual amp capabilities. The POD is still rocket science to me at this stage.
  4. Idgante, I should have saved that video on "effects blocks" but I can't seem to find it again. I'll have to go into the unit to remember what I did and hopefully post my procedure soon. Vaguely (I'm 61 yrs old so.......) I remember having to move the effects block behind the amp and adjusting the pans to center and upping the volumes, hope that helps. I also just bought a Peavey Bandit ( "silver stripe") and am using that amp with the HD500X, sounds great. The Yamaha amp is now my personal "PA" until we get a real one. Then I might use the Yamaha for stereo if I can figure out how to do it.
  5. So my question is: Is it possible to use this method to hook up 2 separate guitar amps and use a different "amp block?" for each one? I realize it wouldn't be stereo but the amps are older Peavey Bandit 112 (silver stripe versions) . I like the POD so much through the effects loop of the one I bought another thinking I can have the fullness of two amps while playing. Or is the answer to my question elsewhere? Thanks for the knowledge here, I'll have to really study this stuff.
  6. The AKG 240 (old version) were 600 ohms, I know, I have a pair and they can be incompatible with newer things hence they released the lower impedance 240s model also. They are great headphones either way.
  7. I bought a Peavey Bandit "silver stripe" amp and a Yamaha G100-112 amp and both were in mint condition. Paid $80 for the Peavey and $150 for the Yamaha. Both are 100 watts (the Peavey only with an extension cab but it is insanely loud just with the one 12" Sheffield speaker as is) and I have a very nice stereo rig. These amps are famous for durability and the clean channel is, well, clean. Perfect for the HD500X and easy to carry (each amp is about 40 lbs). I have a Carvin V3 100 watt 3 channel tube combo with 12 12 speakers also but at a weight of over 80 lbs and only a top handle too heavy for me to put in my car trunk. For the price and sound you can't beat those old solid state amps and they are dirt cheap. Plug in your guitar to one and you'll see why, their distortions are horrible! But the Pod makes magic with them. I am toying with the idea of putting a Eminence Delta Pro-12A 12" Cast Frame Driver into them. They are PA speakers, specs: Power RMS 400 watts, Power Max 800 watts, Sensitivity 99.2 They do weigh 18 lbs though but unlike guitar speakers show none of the peculiar mid frequency variance which gives guitar speakers their individual tone. I figure let the tones come through the Pod.
  8. If you are broke like me I suggest trying out some of the 80's Yamaha and Peavey amps. They are solid state amps and mine are both 100 watts with one 12" speaker and take to the HD500X quite nicely. I paid $80 for the Peavey "silver stripe" Bandit (looks new) and $150 for the Yamaha G100-112. The secret weapon is a Eminence Delta Pro-12A 12" Cast Frame Driver, though a PA speaker a lot of guitarists love them. I have a cheap way of having two 100 watt amps to run in stereo now.
  9. I put the FX Loop at the end and then go to the "mixer" and increase both volumes and change the "pan" on both channels to zero. I still got sound before though it was really quiet. I am relatively new to these rocket scientist thingies but it worked for me.
  10. I found putting the FX Loop at the very end and then going to the mixer and upping the volumes and bring both the A and B "Pans" to 0 (zero) made it much louder when going through the effects loop on a Yamaha GA100-112. I just bought a Peavey Bandit 112 today so my theory may go out the door when I try to do stereo though. I just want to say how pleased I am with the sound through these 80's dirt cheap amps. I have a Carvin V3 100 watt tube combo and while the Pod also sounds good through it I am 61 yrs old and picking up a 80 plus pound combo amp by only a top handle is just not doable. The Yamaha and Peavey are around 40 lbs each and I can manage them fine. They both go extremely loud with the HD500X and once I figure out how to hook them both up will my bandmate be surprised. So far I only played the amps at around 1/4 volume and too loud! Nice to know that the reserve is there.
  11. A good secret weapon to make a 1 12" guitar amp good for Pod use is the Eminence Delta Pro-12A 12" Cast Frame Driver. Though a PA speaker it is a beast for guitar cabs and doesn't have the typical midrange variances associated with "guitar cab" speakers.
  12. I found a Line 6 video which explained putting in an "effects block" so now all my amp's controls work. All is good now.
  13. Found one of the Line 6 videos which explained putting in an effect block. Solved my problem of the amp controls not working.
  14. I'm new and don't know how to start a "new" discussion so I guess I'll post my question here about my new HD500X. I have a Carvin V3 100 watt 2x12 combo amp (too heavy for me to take anywhere!) and just bought a Yamaha G100-112 series lll amp because it is an extremely clean amp and I can actually pick it up. They both have effects loops in the back (the Carvin has both a set of parallel and series effects loops and the Yamaha amp has an effects loop with a send volume knob and return volume knob. I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the amps controls, as soon as I plug in the Pod the only thing that controls the volume is the Pod. None of the volume or tone controls on the amps have any effect on anything. The Yamaha "send" knob on back (I think that's the one I turned) does change the volume but no other knobs on the amp will have any effect. I am using the 4 cable method. Do I have to just run the Pod directly into the amp input on front to use the amp controls? Thanks to anyone who can direct me to a solution.
  15. I can't seem to get my guitar amp volume, tone controls to have any effect no matter what I do? As soon as I plug into the effect loop the Pod disables all of the controls on the amp. I want to experiment using the amps control knobs but they just have no effect once the Pod is plugged in, frustrating.
  16. I bought the unit with the "all optional amp model packs" installed and had to wait for the seller to "gift" them to me (which he finally did) before I hooked it up to my computer. Now I see it has latest updates and the Model Packs are also there and listed in my account. I did download some patches from "PDXguitar freak" and put them in the blank user tones they sound pretty good. I just bought a Yamaha G100-112 series iii solid state guitar amp that I can actually pick up and the Pod sounds good through it also. The guy I bought the unit from hadn't used it much I don't think because non of the factory patches appeared modified and all the user presets were empty. I like the Line 6 Edit a lot.
  17. I'm going to have to see what the fx loop block active is, thanks. I've only had the Pod for a few weeks and it seemed like rocket science at first but I'm slowly starting to figure some things out. So far plugging into the effects loop of a Yamaha G100 112 solid state amp (just bought it yesterday because I can actually pick it up vs the over 80 lb Carvin combo). The controls on the front of the amp when plugged in this way (4 cable method) has absolutely no effect on either volume or tone, all volume seems to come from adjusting the pod volume. Are you saying the "fx block loop" will allow me to use the front controls on the amp also? The amp does have a level knob for both the send and return jacks on the back of the amp but they don't seem to do anything with my current setup either..
  18. I have a Carvin V3 100 watt tube combo. Right now I'm using 4 cable and going into the series effects loop (it also has a parallel loop). The controls on the amp have no effect and all volume comes through the HD500 X master volume. I am in the opposite boat and want to experiment with using the pre-amp and power amp sections of my amp (it has 3 channels and 8 billion controls for each!). Do I just plug the Pod directly into the amp guitar input? Ideally, I want to be able to insert some effects before the power amp and some after but still be able to adjust the settings on the Carvin.
  19. I have a XT Live that I will keep, but the HD500X is a whole new level of experience. Out of the box I thought I made an expensive mistake, for some reason it came loaded with what I consider a bunch of "wow, look a all the spacey weird sounds I can make" presets and a very steep learning curve. After a bit though and some YouTube tutorials I've come to realize how fantastic this device is. It was well worth it for me and can be used live or recording. The modeling sim tech has come a long way since the Xt Live, think of a new i7 Intel intel 5960x chip computer verses an old core 2 duo, I am blown away by the realism. It takes work to get good sounds but they ARE in this very capable machine.
  20. I bought a used HD500X about 2 weeks ago, just the unit and power supply, no manual. Got it home, plugged it in and "blank user" pre-sets showed up on screen. First nite spent mindlessly twisting knobs and ONLY getting the sound of my raw guitar thru headphones. Second nite after work, plugged it in and somehow it was on Line 6 pre-sets, ok, most did not sound usable for anything other than space tones. Broke down and looked at Pilot Guide then advanced guide on Google. Wow, this thing is rocket science! Now a week later and after really working on the thing and watching YouTube tutorials I am creating tones I like. There certainly is a learning curve but boy howdy does this thing sound sweet! Even did the 4 cable method into my Carvin V3 100 watt combo amp and if I could lift the beast (80 + lbs) I could actually play out somewhere. Have to wait until I get a lighter amp, I don't feel 61 until I try to move the amp more than 10 feet.
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