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Weak output from bridge pickup

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More and more I am experiencing a drop out of output/volume from the bridge pickup (toggle down).  It stays weak for a bit and then after a few seconds I get full output again.  It happens with happens with the magnetics as well as the piezo’s.  Luckily I have gotten it to come back to full output after a toggle up and down and wait a bit.  Any thoughts on what is going on here?

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The symptoms suggest it’s just a faulty switch rather than a fault with the Variax electronics because both mags and piezos are affected. That’s a good thing. You can probably just have the switch replaced by any guitar tech, although there may be some special Variax considerations in doing so. I would open a support ticket for clarification and advice.


Edit: It might even be as simple as a bit of dust/dirt in the switch. Try using some contact cleaner. Use the proper stuff - not a household product like WD-40.

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