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HX Stomp sounds nasally


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Hi there,

I bought the HX Stomp.
I'm really happy about a lot of the things it does, but, it has this sort of nasally/honky tone on each and every preset. As if it has a wah in it that is always on.  It's especially evident on the lower strings. 
I tested the HX Stomp in the shop (bought a different unit out of the box) and I don't remember hearing it at all, can't hear it on Youtube videos as well. So I guess it's something in my unit that needs to be dialed out. 
Anyone encountered such an issue?

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There are only 3 lifeforms in the entire known universe who like the presets.

One member of each lives on Earth. They work for L6 as preset designers.


"Honkiness" occurs in the midrange.


Step 1 - Turn up the Output Level Knob until you achieve <>85db in the room (Google Fletcher-Munson).


If that doesn't help - 


In Global Settings>Ins/Outs set Input Level to INST if you're plugging straight in.

In PREFERENCES set Auto In-Z to Enabled.

Start with a New Preset. Go to the Input Block. Turn off the Noise Gate.

Set In-Z to Auto.


Pick your favorite real-world amp. Something that you're familiar with.

Start with Amp+Cab.

Maybe add a touch of Room Reverb for liveliness.

Now, while playing, adjust the tone stack knobs. 

If you want a little more grit adjust the GAIN. If that makes it too loud, turn down the Channel Volume (NOT the Master!).

Switch the mics on the cab and play with the distances.

Take your time. Don't expect instant gratification.


If, after doing all you can with the knobs, you still can't dial out the "honkiness", put the unit back in the box and return it to the store.

While you MIGHT be able to "get it right" with added eq blocks, you shouldn't need to. The probability is that you don't like the "Helix Sound".

Try something from Headrush, NUX, Fractal or BOSS, you may like those better.


I'm not being a wise-lollipop here. IME, people who hear "honkiness" are particularly sensitive to certain frequency ranges which are sometimes part of the baked-in character of a device. This is why I suggested starting with an amp model with which you are familiar with the real-world version.


Good Luck!

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Rules for Modelers:

1) All presets suck.

2) See rule #1.


Beyond that, without knowing what you're listening through, offering anything constructive is close to impossible. Are you monitoring with headphones? Plugging into the front end of a traditional guitar amp, or using the 4 cable method? Are you using studio monitors? The volume at which you're listening to any of the above, versus the volume at which a preset was created (which is an unknown, of course) can also have a huge impact on tone... these are but a few things on a list of variables of Biblical length that will affect tone. What else in your rig, and how is it all connected?

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A wah type of sound on the preset is quite a specific sound so that doesn't sound right at all.

Two things the Helix is really good at if you're not experienced dialling in tones - honky and muddy, the skill is getting

somewhere in the middle.


Are you using IR's or the Helix cab models?

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