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Errors 8207 and 8201 Possible Solutions Here


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I'm on Windows 10.

I posted the above problem recently and have solved it, but couldn't find a way to add "SOLVED" to my original title, so hopefully this may help others. Thanks to the people who replied to my original post (link below):


Cannot Open Native after update to 3.50 Error 8207 and 8201 - Helix Native - Line 6 Community


I had this problem quite a while ago as well and the suggested solution of uninstall and reinstall did not work. The solution back then was to deauthorise and reauthorise the computer.

This also solved the issue recently for another poster in the link above.


However, this time deauthorise/reauthorise did not solve the issue. This time, the solution was indeed to uninstall and reinstall Native. BUT, I did so unticking the AAX files during the reinstall. I understand that these are only needed if the DAW is pro Tools (I use Cubase) and I forgot this when I did the update.


So it seems there are two possible solutions to this problem:


1. Uninstall and reinstall Native.

The line 6 ticket gave instructions (see below). I did not have any of my own presets to save so the process was simple. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. I could not get points 2 and 3 to work as I got "couldn't locate the files". As all seemed to work OK, I didn't carry out points 6 and 7.


2. Deauthorise and reauthorise the computer.

Self explanitory really. Carry out via your Line 6 account. Very simple and quick.



Hope this helps someone else who may be scratching their head and rubbing their chin frustratingly. 



Line 6 instructions for uninstall/reinstall (thanks to L6 for their prompt reply to my ticket):


please try the following:

1. uninstall Helix Native via its uninstaller:
Program Files (x86)\ Line6\ Helix Native\ Uninstall.exe

2. press Windows + R and type %appdata%
This will open the Roaming-folder of Windows.

3. open Line6/ Helix Native and delete all files in this folder, you can keep the folder preset/IR library (if you want to keep your presets).

4. reinstall and activate Helix Native:

5. check the following knowledge base articles:

Helix Native/HX Edit Crash or Blank Screen:

HELIX Native troubleshooting:

Helix Native and a Network Connection:

6. disable antivirus software, pop-up blocker, and firewall for testing (disable Windows Defender).

7. check your internet connection (restarting app and/or relogging into the server is suggested).


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On 11/25/2022 at 11:01 AM, Joeleft said:

.I posted the above problem recently and have solved it, but couldn't find a way to add "SOLVED" to my original title, so hopefully this may help others. 

You’re right that there’s no formal way to mark a question as solved. However, as the person who started this thread you, and only you, can edit the Title of the thread. If users here want to mark a thread as solved they usually just add the word SOLVED to the beginning of the title.

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