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Variax standard serial number on headstock erased

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Hello, I bought a second hand variax standard guitar. My surprise was than i realised that the serial number on headstock is erased. Is there any way to know its serial number ?. May be under the body-neck joint?, Somewhere in the firmware?, may be appears under ultraviolet light ?  Thanks



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No idea how you would determine the serial number. But it likely means you own a stolen or knock-off guitar (not made in Indonesia by Line 6).


Or, some manufacturing flaw allowed it to pass through the process without a serial number ever being stamped. The picture looks like that area is very clean. Is there any evidence that the number was removed or erased?

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Always thought those serials were decals under the clear coat, so impossible to remove without sanding and repainting. At least this is how is done on my 2011 JTV.


This is suspicious.

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Posted (edited)

silverhead,... looks like a Standard head stock, the Standards are made at a Yamaha plant in Indonesia. Guess you forgot?

Serial numbers start with "Y". Was a collaboration project between Line 6 and Yamaha back  in 2015.


PierM,... Standards are not decal-ed, JTV and Shuriken is. These are special stamped. Good guess though.


Purchased on Reverb, eBay, other online??? There would be a record of the seller somewhere in the system.


Knock off,... no.

Stolen,... possibility.

This would have to be sanded off.

Ultraviolet or infrared might bring out the number better.

There is a batch number under the mounting of the neck, but it won't help much in narrowing down the S# beyond knowing the build year.



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