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HX Edit 3.61 is out!


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An important update for some MAC users to fix the problem of HX Edit not recognizing new updates... but there are also a handful of bug fixes for both MAC and Windows users. 

Bug Fixes in 3.61

  • EXP Bypass Toe Down Behavior parameter was reset to Heel Down when copy/pasting a preset, exporting/importing a preset, or restoring from a backup.
  • Bass cabinets incorrectly displayed guitar microphone graphics.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
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That EXP Bypass issue has been around since the implemented that feature.  I finally did a ticket, attached 2 presets with different types of assigns and sure enough they checked it the 2nd day and one preset had the issue one didnt.


After he fixed it it never returned, but clearly they must have found something that caused it to happen.  Weird that it would only be an HX Edit fix though as it happened live....maybe something in the saving of that feature was coded wrong through HX Edit

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On 6/5/2023 at 8:35 PM, Jessehendrixp1 said:

Does this update not apply to hx effects? I tried to update it but says 3.60 is only available

3.61 is the desktop editor update only. 

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