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Helix Setlist download undo


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If you have done a system backup on your last upgrade you can do a restore and just select the User 1 set.  There may be some versions somewhere up on the net but these presets change with each new update.  If you have setlists that are really important to you it's pretty easy to just do and export of it to your file system whenever you change it so you can restore it anytime.

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Just overwrite it with your backup.

You don't have a backup?



Before you start re-creating your lost presets, RENAME the setlist something other than USER1.

After you've created a new preset, backup the setlist - SETLIST>EXPORT.

Now create another preset.


Repeat 128 times.

Auto-Save would be nice, but we do what we gotta do.


My backups are in my DOCUMENTS folder which is automatically backed up to OneDrive - "The Cloud".

Backup to my backups.

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On 10/12/2023 at 3:19 PM, StephenSmiley777 said:

I sat here for an hour looking for someone to respond and saw nothing. As  I look now at the times and dates it was only 15 minutes and you guys responded. Somehow, I wasn't getting. Weird... Anyway, very much appreciate your help!

Did you refresh the browser page during that hour?

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