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Can't Get A Good Sound In Podfarm 2

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I've been trying for 2 weeks now, since I bought my Pod Studio UX1, and I didn't manage to get any good metal sounds. I tried with reaper, cubase, but still my recordings are just worthless. Compared to others, like this guy (

), their recordings are awsome.. Even trying other's presets didn't work for me!

(I have an LTD H-1001 with active EMG's if that helps)

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"Good metal sounds" is a relative thing.  I'm guessing you have tried out all of the preset patches already?  Have you tried adjusting parameters like the gain/drive on the PodFarm amps, as well as distortion/drive pedal FX?  Its possible your active pickups are overdriving the input of the UX1, you could try plugging into the UX1 via a stompbox pedal of any time which would buffer the input voltage.

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Maybe you could ask the person who posted the video which models (s)he's using.

Good chance (s)he has Metal Pack add-on too.


Also keep in mind POD Farm models amps and effects, not mastering and mixing.


Mixing and mastering a final product is in and of itself a different skill/art.

Have you tried double tracking you guitar with less overdrive distortion?

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