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Idea For Additional Jtv/hd500 Integration

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I was just playing around with workbench and HD edit and I thought of something I think would be a cool idea.  

Add HD500(X)/JTV functionality of assigning controls to certain positions of the JTV's pickup selector.


For example you could assign a distortion box to the bridge position of the JTV patch. When you switch from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup it automatically would turn on the distortion box.


There are countless more examples you could use with this functionality, but I think this explains it.

If anyone thinks it's a useful idea here's the link to the ideascale page. 



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personally, I find it hard enough to change switch positions with any certainty on my 69 as it is...  no big deal missing the right pickup mid song but trying to get a distortion turned on and missing would really suck... I even hit it by accident when playing, probably not the only that does that either...  I have enough options with the foot switches.

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I can understand this adding more complexity than it's worth. 


Mainly what I had in mind was switching back an forth from neck to bridge positions.  I go back and forth between those sometimes in the middle of a run if I want to give a certain part more bite.  Then switch back quickly to end the melody.  I grew up watching SRV and picked up on his trick of using the pick up selector during solos to get the tone he was after.  


I don't have problems hitting the selector by accident, but landing exactly on position 2 or 4 in a split second I'm still no so great at  :)


The more I thought through how this would work the more complicated it became.  Probably should have thought through it all the way before bothering to post it to ideascale.  Luckily it doesn't look like Line 6 jumps on every suggestion on the site anyway  :P

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