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  1. I would open a support ticket with Line 6. I don't of any one else that sells them, but they may be out there. One thing I did find out is that you want to get the board pertaining to your model. The 59, 69, 89 have slightly different settings.
  2. I've looked at that app before. Looks really good. I haven't been doing as much looping lately because I started playing in a band and do that most of the time, but when I get back around to it I'll definitely check this out. Thanks!
  3. Those are the exact headphones I use. I cannot recommend them enough. LOVE them!!!
  4. Glenn Didn't you have an organ patch back in the HD500 days? Looking forward to catching up with you at namm.
  5. Is this post for real? Out of curiosity I looked at the OP's custom tone page and the upload date was 1/6/18. Glenn's were put up a couple of years ago. Heck I have 2 organ patches for Helix on CustomTone that I posted back in '16. Maybe the OP and I could start a class action lawsuit against Glenn :) I made cheeseburgers last night and I've been waiting all day for McDonald's to give me a shout out for that concept....
  6. Firmware 2.60 When a delay block has a note value assigned to it, the tap tempo pitch is set to transparent, and the tempo is assigned to snapshot there is no spillover between snapshots. If any of these three variable are changed spillover works correctly. Has this been noted before?
  7. You sync everything beforehand. It doesn't pull anything off the server in real time when you play so you don't need to be connected to the internet once you sync. The syncing process is super fast as well, just a second or two.
  8. Each song has an area where you can type in your lyrics, or you can attach lyrics in the form of Word or PDF files. For me either way the lyrics originate on my computer in the form of a Word doc and I either copy/paste them into the lyrics field or attach them as a Word/PDF file. So I always have a copy of the lyrics on my computer. You can also download any files you have attached to songs through the web interface of BandHelper. I'm assuming if you let your subscription run out you'll lose any data you have saved, but since everything I have started out on my computer and is saved there I don't have to worry about that. Does that make sense and/or answer your question?
  9. I use Bandhelper, which is basically Setlist Maker with an online component. It's the same developer that does both and I think the app itself is pretty much identical. I LOVE the online component so I don't have to do any editing on the device itself, and it automatically syncs with any device I have the app installed on. Can't imagine how I ever gigged without it :)
  10. I imagine our eq preferences will "change" over time ;) I don't want to over play it, I'm not cranking up to the point where I'm having pain or ringing in my ears. I remember those days from back when 100 watt tube amps were the norm on stage. These days most of my gigs I run direct and just use the house monitors. In smaller venues the levels aren't crazy high at all. I think overall concerts/live sound has gotten better. I saw Guns N Roses last year and was only about 20 rows back. I didn't need ear plugs, and while it was loud, it wasn't overwhelming. And it sounded really good. There were no amps on stage and the soundman was able to do his job. In years past I know I've gone to club shows where my ears would ring for a couple of days afterwards. I'm really happy that the trend seems to be going to better sound and not just LOUD :)
  11. Yep, they come in 32, 80, and 250 ohm:
  12. Another vote for the DT770 80 ohms. I have created every single patch I'm made on Helix with them, including all of the Helix video content I've done for my YouTube channel. Heck, I've gotten so used to them that I'll mix tracks with them. Our bedroom is directly below my studio in the house and I have the same "wife problem" as the OP ;) I don't have any issues with my patches translating well with various PA, monitoring, and/or FRFR. If the venue doesn't have good monitoring I have an Alto TS110A I can bring with me. All the patches I've made with the DT770's sound good across the spectrum. I plug straight into the the Helix headphone jack, and I keep the level up pretty high when I'm making patches. As close to gig level as possible. Which these days gig level isn't nearly as loud as it was when I was in my 20's thankfully!
  13. Here's the patch that I built last night. I'm using Custom Bank 1 for my electric sounds, so you may need to adjust the Variax model for snapshots 2 and 3.
  14. I have a patch that I use when my band covers Hotel California for this very purpose. If I can remember I'll export it and load it to custom tone this evening. Basically I use snapshots for this. I have all the electric guitar components on path 1 and all the acoustic components, as well as the final reverb, on path 2. I have path 1 feeding into path 2. Snapshot one changes the Variax to acoustic capo'd on 7th fret and turns on all the acoustic blocks (compressor, studio pre, chorus, delay (chorus and delay in parallel), parametric eq, and reverb. Snapshot two changes the Variax to Les Paul bridge no capo and turns on compressor, amp, delay, cab, and the reverb stays on. It's not too hard to setup, but I'll be happy to share my patch. I just have to remember to do it this evening ;)
  15. chuskey

    Edge Thing

    Thanks! Technically you can do all of the effects stuff I did with this patch in HX FX just leaving out the amp models of course. If you download a trial of Helix Native (I think they have a trial period) you should be able to open up my patch and look at all the effects and settings. You'd just need to manually recreate that in HXFX.
  16. chuskey

    Edge Thing

    As stated in this thread, you can set the time sync of the delays to get them to dotted 1/8th. Another thing I've found to be helpful in going specifically for the Edge's delay sound is running the delay before the amp. This is how would have run them into the Vox amps he uses. You're able to get a more pronounced delay effect as he does than when you place the delay after ther amp/cab. Particularly on songs like Bad where the delay is just as prevalent as the notes he's playing. I did a U2 patch for Helix if you want to check it out. The Custom Tone link is in the video description:
  17. I'm running into an issue with Variax and changing Variax models via snapshots. I have the Variax model assigned to snapshots, but the snapshots aren't changing the models properly. I've double checked to make sure that the correct models are assigned in my patches and they are. So if snapshot 1 is an acoustic path with acoustic model and snapshot 2 is an electric path with an electric guitar, when I go from snapshot 1 to 2 and back to 1 it stays on the electric guitar model and doesn't switch back to the acoustic model as assigned in the snapshots. I have to reload the preset to get the acoustic to come back up. But again after switching away from snapshot 1 and then back I'm stuck on electric guitar models again. Or at times I've had it get stuck on the acoustic model and whenever I go to the electric path it stays on the acoustic model. I had this happen a few times before in the past and could work around it by unassigning the variax model to snapshots, saving the patch, then reassigning the variax model to snapshots. Now that fix doesn't work. I think this is the first time I've tried doing this since upgrading to 2.30. So it could be that my work around no longer works on this firmware and/or it's more of an issue now? I'm using a JTV69 with the latest firmware. I shared my patch with someone today and they ran into the same issue. I have tried rebuilding a patch from a blank preset and it's still having this issue. Has anyone else run into this? Is this a known issue? Here's the patch I tried that I'm experiencing the problem with:
  18. The trick is to use snapshots to change the pitch that the generator is playing. You can do this to create sounds to play over, but you can't use your guitar to trigger the note generator, as you would with a synth. If you download my patch, the link is in the description of the YouTube video, it is setup with snapshots. You can just adjust them as needed, if that works for you. Also in the new 2.50 firmware version they are including the synth type effects from the older Line 6 units. Those may be useful to you. The new firmware update should be released any day now. Hope this helps.
  19. I thought I was having Deja Vu :D :D :D
  20. I decided to see what I could build into one patch to cover U2 songs. I ended up with 8 snapshots for 8 different songs, but you can easily adjust it to fit whatever songs of theirs you want to cover. The download link is in the description:
  21. Thanks! That would be a cool thing to try for sure. From what I could tell the amp got brighter the lower the gain settings, so you could assign treble and presence controls for sure to move as you moved the gain. Also channel volume of course. You could easily have a killer clean/drive tone setup with this amp model!
  22. Thanks! I'll have to try it with an 808.
  23. Just getting started exploring the update, but love the new Trainwreck model!
  24. If I'm not mistaken the Vetta combo I had years ago had a loudness control that was meant to simulate/compensate for the Fletcher-Munson effect. At least by the later firmware versions I think it did.
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