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How to create wet signal using podfarm?

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 Hi everyone,


 I don't know if this question was already asked,


 but the thing is I'm new to all of this so please do excuse.


 I'm using ux1 with this newest Pod farm, and I'm using simple audacity app. 


 The problem I have is that every single thing I go and record seems to come out dry as hell. Especially if I'm using distorsion pedals with  compressors...


 I've been looking on youtube, and many people seem to have similar problem but either they are not aware of it, or they just don't care.


 Only few users are making those great sounding wet signals, but they don't wanna share their knowledge.


 Any ideas how to fix this? 

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The problem is likely the ASIO4ALL device driver that Audacity uses by default. Try using the provided Line 6 UX1 device driver. To do so, configure Audacity to use the UX1 and it's ASIO driver as the audio input/output device. You will then have to connect your speakers or headphones to the UX1 to hear the output.


As for a better recording program, try Reaper.

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+1 to silverhead

Reaper is free to try and has a whole lot of bang for your buck (IMHO).


Not sure if Audacity directly supports ASIO yet, but I know in the past they did not but you could compile Audacity to incorporate ASIO.

(Had something to do with Steinberg licensing).


Also, in the POD Farm mixer view you can determine what the record sends are.


When using proper ASIO drivers it is possible to capture the wet and dry simultaneously and then add the POD Farm plug-in (assuming you have POD Farm 2.5x) post processing, which is a typical workflow many use with the UX.

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I'll add Zynewave Podium as another  program you might like to try. There is a free version. I use the bought version for recording and mixing. I also have used Audacity to clean some things up and then put them back into Podium. I also have been using Ableton Live a bit to fix some things and then bring the tracks back into Podium. Its good to try some different programs. I had had Ableton Live Lite for a few years and never touched it and then I wanted to try doing certain things to audio tracks and I found that Ableton had this feature the whole time!  :)


Sometimes you don't know what you've got. :)


God Bless


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It seems that Audacity doesn't recognize UX1 ASIO at all.


Nevermind. I've switch to Reaper, and I've set its device to run with UX1 ASIO  and I also added vts plugins from pod farm.


Finally I'm hearing the recorded stuff as it should be. Thanks everyone. 

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