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Problem with 1/4" OUT mono channels (Help)
by Undefiledsoul on 2013-03-25 08:25:59.4800

Hi everybody. Before some months i bought my pod hd500 and all was good untill now . Today when i turn on my pod i heard a weird noise coming out from the amp which was connected on R/MONO 1/4" OUT .After this i have not guitar sound from my amp. I tried connect the cable on L/MONO 1/4" OUT but the problem remains. Any ideas to solve my problem ? (sorry for my English )

Re: Problem with 1/4" OUT mono channels (Help)
by scottyo78 on 2013-03-26 14:08:19.8290

Since I'm not there I can't be sure...


  1. It's possible that you have mono effects and only the left channel is active or you've possibly pressed a footswitch turning off a stereo effect?
  2. If you have a volume pedal in the chain(s) it may need recalibration (happened to me for unknown reason) as it may be frozen at minimum.
  3. Do the "Balanced" line outs work?
  4. Does the headphone out work... it may be your amp.

Just some things to check.

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