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HD500: Huge vol fluctuation when switching
by bganimator on 2012-11-29 23:48:10

Hopefully I can do a good job of explaining this...

Right now I use footswitches A, B, C, and D as completely independent tones. For example A is my Stevie Ray tone and B is my Gilmour tone.

With HD500 Edit open, I double-click the Stevie Ray tone and make some adjustments. The volume is a nice, full level as I tweak/adjust.

Then I step on footswitch B and Gilmour is much, MUCH quieter. So I go back to A and now Stevie Ray is also much, MUCH quieter.

Double-click Stevie Ray in the Editor and BAM it's nice and loud again.

Save file and close the Editor. Stevie Ray stays nice and loud.

Switch to Gilmour - super quiet again. Switch back to Stevie Ray, also super quiet.

Adjust one of the knobs by a fraction of a micron (any of them: Drive, Bass, Presence... doesn't matter) and BAM it's nice and loud again.

Go to Gilmour, everything's quiet. Back to Stevie Ray... also quiet. Touch one of the knobs and BAM it's nice and loud again.

Try switching the other direction (from Gilmour to Stevie and back) and I get the same results: B is Loud > A is Quiet > B is Quiet > adjust any knob > B is Loud again.

This has to be some kind of noob issue I'm having; some kind of setting I've overlooked or turned on/off without realizing it.

Can anybody help on this? Thanks in advance.

Re: HD500: Huge vol fluctuation when switching
by dogstar99 on 2012-11-30 00:08:37

Try saving the volume levels on hd500 and not in the editor.   Once you get to the volume you like save it  and then go down the patches.  Once you do that, then transfer what you have done to the editor so they are both the same and it doesn't go back for some reason. 

Re: HD500: Huge vol fluctuation when switching
by bganimator on 2012-11-30 17:58:49

Thank you very kindly, dogstar99! Based on your reply, I went back to tinkering and tweaking in the Editor but this time when I got the tone I wanted, I chose Send > Selected from the UI like I was doing ...and then I also hit the Save button on the HD unit. The problem appears to be resolved.

However, this seems like a rather clunky way of doing business having to punch the Save button after I've already told the Editor to do it. At least we've downgraded from "bloody hemorrhoid" to "minor inconvenience". Perhaps there's a step I'm skipping in the UI which would effectively save the changes?

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