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Pod xt to a Spider IV 15 W
by jibranmirza on 2013-02-06 09:00:55


I am trying to set up a PODxt to Spider IV 15W connection and i am unable to adjust for the right tone. I have Zeroed the effects on the Amp and middled the Amp settings such as Bass, Treble, MID etc, except the channel volume, but i can't get the rightful tone. I was trying to play Vai's " For the Love Of God" and i can't manage to adjust the tone( Keeping in mind that i downloaded a custom tone as well). Can anybody help me with the settings, though i understand the a modular into a modular won't produce the desired result but atleast it should get close.

Godbless you all........

Re: Pod xt to a Spider IV 15 W
by mikelippert on 2013-02-26 10:16:00

hey, try aa avtive monitor or better still an active full range box, those you use for small pa systems...

you need an almost hi-fi amp + speaker, otherwise your pod xt will not produce great tone.

rock on

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