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  1. snipedoguk

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    If you are opening the G10 you need to first remove the silver nut on the top jack socket, then take out the screw under the bottom label then run a plectrum around the joint in the case to release the clips. I would not recommend trying to replace the mini USB, it’s a flawed design and the tracks on the board may not survive the resoldering. I would recommend replacing it with the standard Boss type 9v coax socket, and a 9volt to 5 v converter board as described above. More robust and far more reliable, and the usb data transfer function remains intact. Best Wishes Steve www.redtapemusic.biz
  2. snipedoguk

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    That looks rather a bulky solution to get a USB 5v from 120 / 240 volts. The receiver's current requirements are not very high, a small iPhone / iPad type power supply would do the job perfectly well, or alternatively one of the 9V to 5V regulated converters I used for the hardware modification sitting in line between the Voodoo Lab and the mini USB connector? S www.redtapemusic.biz
  3. snipedoguk

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    The main concern about these approaches is you are still using the mini USB connector on the G10. This socket is not robust enough for serious use. It is not anchored to the case in any way, held in place only by its solder joints, and its plane of connection is parallel to the insertion force of the plug. The inevitable result of this is to lift the socket off the board with regular usage. Installing a standard Boss 9V co-axial socket, and internal voltage conversion solves all these problems at once. S www.redtapemusic.biz
  4. snipedoguk

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Hello all, I have been offering a power supply socket upgrade service in the UK for the past year or so. It consists of adding a standard "Boss" type power socket directly below the existing mini USB socket, and installing a small voltage regulator board inside the receiver which drops the standard 9 volt pedal supply voltage to the 5 volts the receiver requires. If the USB socket was working before the mod, it will still work after it, but I am not including repair to the USB socket if it is broken, the sockets are poor quality, and do not tolerate the solder iron heating well enough ) I have modified around 14 G10s this way, all were successful. Drop me aline if you'd like to know more. I am only doing this for UK customers at the moment, but could consider shipping overseas repairs if the demand is sufficient. Update, the mod is essentially identical to that posted by a2dconverterguy earlier in this thread, but available in the UK. Steve Coates www.redtapemusic.biz
  5. Very interesting topic, has anyone actually measured whether the input impedance of the Helix changes under these circumstances ? This will obviously have a very significant effect on tone if you're using high impedance hum buckers, and should have very little impact if you're using active pickups. Im not sure if we are talking about an "actual" change in the input impedance of the Helix, or a modelled change in the software, in which case it will be a change in the frequency response and dynamics of the signal, regardless of what kind of pickups you are using?