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  1. Has anyone tried the Harley Benton/Melo Audio MIDI Commander since they released new firmware to better work with the HX Stomp? So far I haven't found any videos or writeups.
  2. Now that this exists I'm worried the POD Go is just going to be abandonware.
  3. I've been experiencing this same issue. I'm on FW 3.01, and performed a factory reset but the issue persists.
  4. HX Stomp - FW 3.01 HX Edit - 3.00 Laptop OS - Win 10 Headphones connected to HX Stomp I've come across a recurring issue that after switching through a few presets in HX Edit the guitar signal coming through the headphones just cuts out and won't come back until you restart the unit. HX Edit stays connected, and computer audio still passes through without issue, but there's no guitar signal whatsoever. Edit 1/4/21 I tried a factory reset, but the problem persists. The input block will light up when there is signal coming in, but won't pass the signal from either input, and the tuner does not register any notes.
  5. The Whammy DT will do this, but it takes up a ton of space.
  6. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Pod-Go-Helix-Ideas/993961-23508 Darkglass Vintage Ultra EHX Green Russian Reissue (Deluxe maybe with clean blend and mids) EHX Op-Amp Muff Reissue Jim Dunlop 105Q I'd also add an Amp + IR combo block option.
  7. Ownhammer literature suggests a a 3.0 dB cut at 400Hz with a pretty wide Q. Nick Hill on YouTube did a nice walkthrough on setting it up within the Global EQ..
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