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  1. Ive got the latest app on my Imac. Everything works great with the exception of when I try to load a tone from my hard disk that has been downloaded from Custom Tone or Saved from the app to my Hard Drive. The amp just fails and closes down. Ive restarted the Imac but same issue. Anyone got a fix? Also in answer to joesitides - There is big difference in the number of presets - If i search Custom Tome for Queen on my Imac via web I get 13 if I use the App on my Iphone I get 30 but if I use the Imac App I get 169. BIG differences. Cheers Dave
  2. Hi just for interest did you sort this? Just that i have helix floor linked with a gr55, variax and just about to take delivery of a vl3x. Any advice on how to connect them giving the best use of the vl3x loopers and vocals. I use the helix currently as the sound interface to my monitors. looking forward to your reply. cheers Dave
  3. No it has the any guitar option. I know a lot are just set as guitar which can be a pain but this one should have worked. After I changed the input and saved then reset back to original input and saved again it works fine each time i go into it now. only relevant to the downloaded version.
  4. Hope someone can help! Ive downloaded a number of custom tones and switch between a number of them I initially get no output! BUT if I depress my Variax Standard model selection knob twice the sound then kicks in. Im using the Helix Lt and Variax Standard all to latest firmware etc. A example of the a patch causing the issue is Jimmy Herring from Custom Tone. Hopefully just me got some global setting wrong or something only had helix a week.
  5. Thanks for your replies. Got the standard setup and sounds and plays great now. The link to uncle Joe was good enjoyed the set of 6 vids. Hope I can return the favour and help someone in the future. Dave;
  6. Anybody actually got a Standard that has been setup correctly? If so can they publish their specifications - Neck Bow, String Heights and pickup heights. That would be a big help. Many Thanks in advance. My Standard arrived as if the parts had just been screwed together no thought about assembly at all apart from it had all the bits on it LOL.
  7. As can be read in number of threads the only recover option for the firehawk is to do a factory reset. As we all know this removes all patches the user has loaded into the firehawk. To recover for live play sets the only way is to load back patch by patch. This is not easy as the my tones does not allow easy storing such as play lists etc. Is there a plan for line 6 to add this play list / folder etc for cloud saving as an option and a way if possible for bulk loading! If not then i do not see how the firehawk fx could be an option for live performers! It just becomes an expensive toy for home use.
  8. Hi only had the firehawk 2 days so maybe me missing something. I am a bit bemused why amplifi app has more functionality than the firehawk one though. Okay then first thing. When I mode a patch and select save to my tones it creates a new patch with the same name, in some instances places a fh prefix to the name but generally save as the same name. If I don't at the save point delete the old duplicate i would know which was the updated version. Is it me or do you all have the same issue. My next issue is when you select a tone in the app from the patches in the firehawk unit why does it not switch the unit to that patch and batch? Just if you make a change to parameters it would be easy to save on the unit instead you have to save to the unit and the find the bank and patch! Next one is the amplifi app when you go to songs gives 2 option play music or use line 6 created backing tracks and use pre created line 6 tones. Why does the firehawk app not have these? As it's a cloud related option and you can't download them and save to upload! Look forward to you comments and any help from line 6. Will we get future updates for firehawk? Cheers
  9. Find this interesting for creating patches - starter for 10. http://line6.com/support/topic/12294-full-amp-and-effects-lists/
  10. Okay Silverhead. Does that mean there will be no more development on Firehawk related products such as the fire hawk app? It would be nice if this had a few updates. Include same jam tracks and patches as per the AMPLIFi app. Also when you save a tone can it not overweight the patch that already exists. It is a pain when you tweek a tone that you have to remember to delete the old one! Also when you use the app and select a tone on the firehawk when does it not move to the bank and tone on the firehawk itself? Well that's my moaning for now. Only had the firehawk 2 days!
  11. Don't see any reason why an app for the mac could not be created. Especially as it can connect to the firehawk via USB or bluetooth. The app would not have be any different from that for the iPad or iPhone! Line 6 could then also add the functionality that you get from the amplifi app that does not exist in the Firehawk app.
  12. Anyone know why the Firehawk app does not have the functionality that the amplifi app does! I mean when I go into the music option on amplifi I get 2 options 1) to play music and 2) to play jam tracks. The Firehawk app does have the jam tracks part. These if you don't know cover a list such as Blues, Metal Rock etc and then from that option you get a number of tracks to select from and corresponding list of applicable tones. Would be nice if Line 6 included this with the Firehawk! Or is this wishful thinking that they would spend anytime updating things for us Firehawk FX users. Only got mine this week and missing some of the amplifi extras!
  13. I have pedals assigned to my tones but I can not change the assignment of them and tapping next to slider on speed does not bring any box up! I have latest firmware and latest Amplifi remote app on an iPad. Also when I move the actual FX knob past 50% the sound through my amp goes out of sync with my guitar (hear sound seconds after actually playing it on guitar). If I move the FX knob back past 50% then all returns to normal. Seems to be a firmware/control issue to me. Anyone got any ideas or has a tube link that shows how to assign the pedal to an effect?
  14. Hi new to Amplify FX100 but just wondered why when doing a tone search its restricted to returning only 30 tones. Seems a shame as better tones could exist or am I missing something? Is there another way to see list of tones created in the cloud for Amplifi other than using the remote app? Look forward to your replies / help. Cheers Dave
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