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  1. Check and toggle the output settings...I have both a Helix LT and standard Helix floor, on the LT after the 2.81 update, the 1/4 inch output defaults to Instrument level even though it might say Line Level if you were set that way. On every reboot it outputs instrument level, and you have to toggle the setting to get back to Line Level. My Helix Floor unit is also updated to 2.81 and it does not do this, it remembers the proper setting.
  2. I have a bunch of cabs, but am primarily using some Jet City 2X12 cabs that I fitted with Celestion Century Vintage Neo speakers for less weight for gigs...the speakers sound great too!!
  3. That's the beauty of this setup, you can mic the cab, or go direct...or do both. The Fryette Power Station 2 came in, and works great...seems very high quality, sounds great, and is pretty light and compact compared to a tube head.
  4. 4CM can sound great, but is much more complex and you need to make sure the levels going in and out of the helix to the front of the amp are setup properly...one of my requirements because of multi-band shows was an extremely quick setup and teardown, so one cable running to the effects return is perfect for me, and it still sounds great.
  5. I am using the full amp models, it sounds better to me than using just the preamp models. No cab sims to the power amp/cab, and an IR to the XLR for direct to board sounds. Works great for me...I don't have a problem with all of my patches sounding the same, they all sound great, both direct to the PA and also to my cab. It's a very versatile setup, since I can go direct or use it as a traditional amp, or both. Plus I have redundancy if the amp goes down, I still have the direct signal. I've tried the FRFR thing, and it's just not for me, I much prefer a traditional amp sound and feel.
  6. I use the effects return of several of my tube heads and it sounds great, I prefer tube power because it gives me the feel and tone that I am used to. I have a Fryette PS2 inbound to make things more compact, it should work great too...not to mention it can do a lot of other things.
  7. I struggled with my Helix and FRFR setup...but loved the idea of a simple setup, now I run Helix to my DSL40c with creamback speaker into the effects return. Incredible volume and punch, and still grab and go easy setup. Just one cable to the amp and it sounds killer!!
  8. I was in a similar situation, I have a bunch of nice tube amps, but was trying to downsize my rig and make setup and loading gear easier at gigs. I bought a Helix LT and an Alto TS212 and struggled keeping up with the other guitarists tube amp without clipping the Alto. I considered picking up a DXR or higher powered FRFR, but on a whim, turned off the cab IR's and ran into the effects return of my Marshall DSL40c with a creamback speaker...wow, all the volume and punch you could ever want. So now that's what I am running...the DSL is about the same weight as the higher powered PA speakers and is compact enough to be portable. I routed my signal chain in the helix to the 1/4 inch outs without IR's to the DSL and the XLR gets the signal with a creamback IR by celestion which I can use if my amp ever goes down at a gig.. Super easy setup too, just one cable from helix to the amp. I didn't have much luck with just the preamp models, I am running the full amp models with no cabs/IR's. Best of both worlds for me anyways...
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