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  1. Good news: Thomann will send me a V75 Receiver, so I can update my two TBP06-Transmitters (and the TBP06 of my friend). The question "what happend? Why is an old firmware on TBP06-Transmitters although there is this green lable on the packing bag?" is still in the room. @dboomer or any other of line6-staff: What happend? Any explanations?
  2. Yes, you're right! I purchased my Relay G30 System in Septembre 2014 and a second TBP06-Transmitter in Decembre 2014. Both have the green note on the bag, that they are shipped with RF2 mode enabled. - And both are not! They have the old firmware with no doubleblink, ore blink of the blue LED. The procedure of the film doesn't work! When I turn them on, the blue and red batterie-LEDs are lighting (so it's a kind of purple). After a second the red batterie-LED turns of while the blue batterie-LED stays on. There is no blinking of the blue batterie-LED at all! Only the green signal-LED is blinking like the transmitter in the film. :( Both are new and buyed in Germany by Thomann and both have the old RF1-firmware :(
  3. Thank you for the video! I'll check it tonight with my two TBP06-Transmitters. Yesterday I tryed to change the mode to RF2 from RF1, but the description from the manual didn't change anything. The process in the video is different from the manual. Maybe the manual is wrong? Edit: I have the old RF1-firmware :( see my post below for details
  4. My violin is also passiv and works great with 1M-Ohm setting on aux input and on guitar input. The sound is great an better than it was before with the built-in preamp. You don't need an preamp, or a DI between HD500 an violin. :) All the low frequencies are good and the output-signal is as high, as a normal passive Les Paul with two humbuckers or my active JTV59. All you need is your violin and the HD500 and a XLR-cable to your L2t. :D
  5. I think your volumepoti on dt50 changes from vibrations. Its the same effect like here:
  6. Maybe your wall plug transformer is defect. When the power is not stable enough the pod reboots nonstop.
  7. Hi brothers and sisters, first I got my JTV59 and loved the posybilities to change between electric and acoustic sounds. Last christmas the HD500 completed my equipment for guitar. It's so amazing! I love to worship God with such a wonderful sound! It's absolutely cool to change sounds just with one button. My JTV59 is mostly connected to the HD500 via VDI-cable. So it's possyble to play a 12-string acoustic simultanously to a distorted electric guitar! Or two e-guitars. But now our band is bigger so I use more single sounds. Sometimes wireless. I also play violin. This spring I bought an e-violin to get better sounds than with my acoustic one. After some changes I like the sound of my e-violin and the posybilities of the HD500 are also great for worship-violin! I play the e-violin mostly wireless. The HD500 is directly connected to the PA. left channel violin, right channel guitar. At home I use headphones, or my Marshall AS50D acoustic amp. I love to play music for God. And with my equipment it's nearly possible to forget all that technical stuff and to fall into music - just playing - :-)
  8. It can be the contact or a defect in your VDI-cable. Check it with a normal ethernet-cable (network-cable). It's not normal. I use also VDI."Variax" and "variax mags" working fine.
  9. Coooool :D I'll try that! The advantage is not only the patch cable. It's the noise of the changing to analog and back to digital :D
  10. Ok, I never use stereo-effects in Channel A or B, I use them only after the mixer. And so I didn't hear, that A & B are also stereo :) But the trick with the short cable in the activated fx-loop at the end of the chain works definitely ;) With that method you get real mono :) - so your "never" is right with the mixer pan, but wrong in that case :)
  11. Yes, thats right, that's the fact why I put both HD500-mixer-pans from "100%left" & "100%right" to "middle". That's the way to get a mono-signal out of both XLR. Some mixers have not only mono-channels. They have some stereo-channels. But mostly not with two XLR. They use stereo 1/4" jacks for symmetric input. So if your snake have enough XLR cores that you can use both XLR from the HD500, you need two adapters from XLR to 1/4"-stereo to use the stereo-channel of the mixer. :) I play two instruments and use the dual-amp-function of the HD500. I use the left XLR for violin and the right XLR for guitar. Some of my violin-sounds are not dual-amp, so I only use the left channel. Then both HD500-mixer-pans are 100% left. Some of my guitar-sounds are not dual-amp, so I only use the right channel. Then both HD500-mixer-pans are 100% right. When I practice at home with headphones I use a trick to hear both instruments in the middle of my head: The last "effect" in the chain is the "fx-loop". If I play in church it is turned off. If I practice at home it is turned on and a short mono-1/4"-cable goes from "send" to "return R/mono"... Thats the way to get a real-mono-signal out of the HD500 - no matter which output. It's mono in headphones, 1/4" and XLR :D
  12. Set it to "instrument" "Amp" is for parallel use to the speaker after an amp. Why do you use the DI-box? You can plug the XLR direct in the POD HD500. If you use dual amp and stereo in you POD you can pan both mixer channels to middle. Thats the way I do it if I only can use one channel in the main mixer. That works fine and is mono. But the sound ist better :-)
  13. You can eliminate knob jitter on amp and HD500X if you pull down the knob and place a rubber ring between housing and knob. In germany we use the rubber seal of beerbottles which have this "old fashioned" clamps. :-) So the knobs go harder and not by vibration.
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