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  1. Just checked, and I can see the Helix is sending MIDI messages even when only the INSTANT switches are enabled. Have emailed Marshall. Annoying I can't use the snapshots as I'd like to....! Or can i use PC messages against snapshots?
  2. Just assigned the same MIDI message - MIDI CC 18, value 1 - to a footswitch, and that worked. The amp changed to the OD1 ORANGE channel. But nothing happens when using the same setting for the INSTANT part in Command Center.
  3. Hi mate, OK, so as an example, I have a full patch on the Helix that contains everything I would need. I have 4 'situations' that I would like to create as snapshots: 1. Main rhythm (includes the use of EXP2 to change the TIME on the delay block, every other effect block is bypassed) 2. Main solo (kicks in distortion block, delay set at 380ms) 3. Octaver solo (kicks in distortion block, delay set at 380ms, engages octave block) 4. Phaser solo ((kicks in distortion block, delay set at 380ms, engages phaser block) For 1, I use the OD1 channel on the ORANGE gain stage, FX Loop engaged, Master Volume 1, Gate Engaged. For 2, 3 and 4 I use the OD2 channel on the GREEN gain stage, FX Loop engaged, Master Volume 2, Gate engaged. These were all going to be 4 snapshots within 1 patch. I have seen the CC command values in the manual for the amp - but when I set these in the instant settings on Command Center within the Helix, nothing happens. Using Program Changes DOES work, but I need to use multiple setlists so - due to the MIDI PC settings not being setlist-dependant - I need to use CC messages instead ideally. Does that make sense? To go into more detail, within Command Center, for snapshot 1 I set the MIDI CC to the correct channel, the CC Number to 18 and the value to 1 - which, according to the manual of the amp, should be OD1, ORANGE gain stage. But nothing happens!
  4. Got it, thanks. Any ideas about #2? No Command Center instant CC commands are working now!
  5. Yep, just found it - thanks!
  6. Er.... where is the impedance setting in 2.0...?? It's gone from the settings menu! EDIT - Found it - it's now part of the input block :)
  7. So, snapshots.... brilliant idea, but I've encountered a couple of issues. If anyone can help me on these, I'd really appreciate it! 1. My snapshot 1 has a delay block that has the time param controlled by EXP2. However, in snapshot 2, I want the delay time to be locked to a specific time; doesn't look like this is possible. 2. I use MIDI to connect to my JVM410HJS and change channels etc. Previously I used Program Changes but was advised to use the CC messages in Command Center (as the PC messages are not stored uniquely across setlists - so any PC messages on 01A of setlist 3 will be the same for 01A of setlist 4 etc.). However, the CC messages in Command Center on Snapshots will not let me change the CC# between snapshots - only the value. Does anyone know how to sort these issues? Thanks all.
  8. I *think* what he's saying is that the master volume knob acts as the overall volume and if set too high (in conjunction with a real amp in either direct-to-front or 4 cable method, or the amp models in the Helix) can potentially lead to clipping. Maybe. Possibly.
  9. Thanks - that was what I was doing previously :) Will play around....!
  10. Yep, I've done that - doesn't help :( With it enabled - and using Command Center as above - nothing at all happens.
  11. Ok, just tried using Command Center instead of using PC messages - and now it just scrolls through the channel gain stage, even when I set the correct CC message and value for a certain channel and gain stage. However, I have noticed if I set the amp how I want, then save the patch on the Helix, it remembers the settings - without setting anything up in Command Center. Then, if I press the same footswitch, it cycles gain stage, which I don't understand why....!
  12. OK, thanks - will give it a try later!
  13. It's going into a JVM410HJS amp; the amp 'learns' the MIDI command by setting the amp params you want, pressing the MIDI learn button on the amp and then the footswitch on the Helix. The problem I have is that in set list 1, in patch 1 I have 4 banks on the bottom row of switches; bank 1 is my main sound (going to the OD1 amp channel), and banks 2, 3 and 4 all initiate the OD2 amp channel with different gain stages and also the master volume 2 on the amp. In set list 2, I again have 4 banks on the bottom foot switches, but bank 1 goes to the clean channel on the amp, bank 2 goes to the crunch channel, bank 3 goes to the OD1 channel and bank 4 is OD2 with the Master Volume 2 kicked in. Basically, when I set the PC messages form the amp to each bank, it doesn't recall them between setlists. Does that make sense?
  14. Ah, balls. OK, thanks - is it something that could be added in the future do you think? It's a real pain having to go through and manually set all the instant commands for the multiple banks and patches I've created for the bands!
  15. Found a slight issue with my Helix over the weekend... I'm in 2 bands and have 2 setlists - one for each band. In the first bank on setlist 1, I have programmed the patches to initiate midi changes on the amp - these are different to the midi changes in the first bank on the 2nd setlist. However, it appears that the Helix doesn't remember the midi messages when you switch between setlists - I have to re-program it each time. Anyone else encountered this?
  16. So, just to be sure, am I right in saying that having the knob at 100% (oooh matron) IS unity gain? Sounds like it to me, just want to check!
  17. OK, thanks - make sense! Good thing I've ordered an attenuator in that case ;)
  18. I have the Rocktron Banshee 2 (used to have the MXR talkbox). I run it as a S/R block and have it assigned to a footswitch. Basically, whenever a Bon bloody Jovi song is requested, I press the footswitch and stick the pipe in my gob and get playing. Very very easy to use and sounds great! Just make sure you don't drool.
  19. Hi all, I'm using 4CM with the Helix and a JVM410HJS. I understood that to have the Helix volume at 100% was 'unity gain'; however, someone mentioned it should be at about 1 o'clock. I tried it at the gig on Saturday, and it led to me cranking the master volume on the amp the highest it's ever been in order to get the same level of volume from it. Now, I'm wondering - would using the volume dial on the Helix mean that you could, potentially, use it to attenuate the valve amp and push the power tubes at lower volumes...?
  20. OK, thanks. How about this? http://www.cattylink.com/page220.html I don't have a rack so would rather have a non rack conditioner!
  21. Cheers guys - I actually have a power conditioner I always use - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tacima-6-Way-Mains-Conditioner/dp/B00UB0G4DQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1466211196&sr=8-1&keywords=power+conditioner Played the first gig with it tonight and all seemed OK, so a bit odd...!
  22. Help! I've got a very odd noise coming out of the amp when The Helix is used. Have ensured all other powered pedals are off, tried different cables, different wall sockets, different extension cables etc. Anyone any idea what it is and how to stop it? Using 4cm to the amp. Guitar > Helix Guitar In > Helix SEND1 to JVM in > JVM Fx send to Helix RETURN1 > 1/4in out to JVM FX return Oddly enough, I have a talk box as well and even with the Helix and amp off, that makes the same noise. Also, if I bypass the FX LOOP block on the Helix, the sound is still there, so maybe it's not the FX loop..... If I plug direct into the amp, it's fine (I.e. Guitar -> amp input, no fx loop).
  23. Thanks! Just so I'm clear - the send / return block would be the two separate send1 and return1 blocks, right? Not the output block at the end of the chain? So, I just after the output on the return block itself (assigned to return 1)?
  24. Cheers guys! Loving it so far. However, I've noticed what I think is clipping - especially when hitting the bottom E and A strings. Kind of like a 'quack', sounds like the clipping on the GT100 I used previously. What's the best way to eliminate this? Should I alter the return and send values? Or the path send?
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