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  1. You buy the Fender guitar preamp Kit.
  2. snc6

    Pedal Steel effect

    A Fender Tele B-bender helps as well.
  3. Oooops.....My bad.....the B chord arpeggio occurs much later in the song.....sorry Scott bad
  4. ahhhhhh.there's a arpeggio off the B chord ......before the A chord arpeggio. just sayin.....great song.......good sound Scott
  5. Quite honestly i think the people of this forum would be more interested in your thought process in going for the tones you made. (ya know...what didn't work and what you feel needs improving with in the Helix.)
  6. just a thought.....since Jimi use a Fender Bassman and Fender Twin for rhythm guitar studio tracks,did you try using a Bass amp /cab config to get the clean (girth?? low def) sound? Again...just a thought.
  7. Very nice !!! However, Jimi recorded most rhythm guitar parts with a Fender twin.
  8. I use my Helix with a 65 fender twin head to marshal 4-12 cab and use the preamps as tone modules. Note: it has taken a little while to dial in some sounds that I really like,but for me thats just half the fun. To me the Helix is a tool and there are no rules to creativity.BTW....this thing is a blast and I 've already used it in the studio.......My creative 2 cents David
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