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  1. oh yeah, how about wav IR export from Amplitube 5 VIR cabs, VIR is amazing
  2. has there ever been any mention of intent to implement any internal assignable controllers in helix? Like the FAS and Boss internal LFOs, ADSRs, envelope followers, virtual expression pedal, pitch follower etc etc...
  3. does the defendant have reason to believe that said analog pad prior to AD conversion is or would be in any way demonstrably different in regards to signal fidelity compared to a 6dB pad implemented digitally post AD conversion
  4. does the defendant have reason to believe that the 6dB pad at the input is an analog function prior to AD conversion
  5. I legit think these are AI bots, when they attach themselves to you and basically mirror invert anything you say like a toddler. the syntax isn't even human, any response given is like throwing gasoline on a fire
  6. makes a big difference in how the modeled gear reacts to the right input signal level... same experience as OP with a SH-14 custom 5 on a blower switch, without pad the input clips red constantly and amps don't feel that great/right, dirt boxes and compressors sound like they are choking. pad on and everything sounds right again
  7. don't gotta have it all, I got access to all the stuff via different means, just saying, if 3 specific things happened to make it into the one unit, it would completely negate the three other units, dictating the purchase decision that's been in hold pattern for a year. HX stomp is phenomenal but I can't justify another 2k on a floor just to get at more switches and blocks at once until that extra 2k is gonna gate/split like an AFX3. might be waiting for a while. I flog HX stomp in the meantime
  8. that's it, thanks, just want to get at some AFX3 pre effects kept digital no latency but needs to be after helix input and drives/mods to keep the right input modelling interaction of helix, then helix amp/cab, then any more post effects can be analog fx loop
  9. I want to use SPDIF from the helix grid, guitar input to helix, go out via SPDIF send to AFX3, come back into helix via SPDIF return, then go through helix amp/cab, then use the analog send/return to go back out to AFX3 for post fx. line 6 dudes, is there any technical limitation that keeps SPDIF from being accessible as a send/return source? if the other device is the same clock freq and it's DSP to DSP it would be a zero latency fx loop right? thanks all
  10. 1. micro delay, 0.01ms resolution up to 50ms 2. sidechain gate (boss calls it "detect", gate can use guitar input to open a gate at the end of a block chain. this is legit my purchase deciding factor rn) 2. ability to split of parallel more than once 3. small clone chorus pedal. one knob, one switch! 4. Rectifier vintage mode (ORANGE!) 5. JHS PG-14 pedal (like 60dB parametric mid boost and a JFET output transformer that likes abuse) thinking about command center with 12 capacitive switches you can use for midi control of any external gear, an AFX3 brought into grid with a loop using SPDIF (zero latency out and back, don't know if you can do that with helix) ...control AFX3 effects with command center, octatrack looper machines, digitone, digitakt patterns/mutes, with your fokin FEET. it's so dumb fast to set stuff up with command center. L6 guitar gurus inadvertently set the bar for midi control implementation ease of use standard...capacitive switches and free wheeling roller knobs, touch/set/select/swap around instantly. not to mention STACK commands. it's a midi control dream box. can't wait to hear what else is gonna get squeezed out of it
  11. high end is like sugar, once you get a taste of it, any more sounds great and anything less sounds crap, problem is it's hard to tell when you've gone too far, have to start dark and keep it dark, once you bump the high end (pun intended) you need to keep bumping and bumping. vocals snare and kick beater are the only thing that need to cut through, everything else is accessory. electric guitar is midrange instrument, if you keep it dark in the mix, everything above it is made brighter by relation without needing to brighten them extra. listen to SOAD Toxicity guitars, dark af, but clear as day, it's all midrange, high end is for vocals and snare (and hats if the drummer is an artist)
  12. oh my bad, i was just referring to sound, you're referring to monitor system player response. Guitar string amplified connected to speaker is direct link, guitar string sent through converters and DSP and then driven by solid state chinese whatever tf, player response would fall short of a direct connection. I don't know if maybe they already fixed that issue with power cab, my next inquiry would be look into what kind of dynamics DSP do you put into the power section of the cheap solid state FRFR driver to mimic the amp power/transformer...latency aside, how do you make the class D amp and PA speaker POP like a direct connection between pickup and amp does. *pulls up power cab in sweetwater*
  13. amp in the room sound is ambient reflections, spatial cues your ears can pick up on to tell your brain what kind of a space you're in. the dual delay at the end, set on i think 7 and 8 ms. 1ms is like 1 foot, you can experiment with the size and mix, at 16% mix it's subtle but you can tell when it's gone mic scout 84.hlx
  14. when they put it in front of the power amp where it's supposed to go it will be perfect
  15. i don't care about input impedance of other effects. the primary impedance sensitive effect is a fuzz pedal, the pedal's input impedance is integral to how the pedal works, this was to show what it does with a fuzz pedal. how many accounts do you have cliff
  16. rd2rk doesn't hear a pop ladies and gentlemen
  17. what is your purpose here? comp at 0.0 and you can still hear it *pop when it switches impedance capacitor when you engage the pedal. this thread was a congratulatory demonstration. what are you doing?
  18. IRL your ears pick up two reflections coming it at different times to your head, gives your brain spatial cues on what space you're in. 1ms is like 1 foot so you can play with how far away you want to be from the cab 1ms at a time roll your own room mic scout 84.hlx
  19. bypassvalve


    what if I told you that fizz is a function of mic placement in the cabinet simulation and has nothing at all to do with the amp modelling
  20. with 'first enabled' active and a fuzz, when you engage the fuzz from bypass state, you get the tiniest little *tick from the impedance capacitor network switching over. The speed and manner in which the device has been designed to function is satisfying in a way as to remind me of only one other piece of gear that enables lightning fast seamless analog switching, Boss ES-8.
  21. just wanted to say how amazing it feels to hear the little *click of relay switching when you engage a fuzz pedal when input Z is set to first enabled. My Boss ES-8 does analog switching that fast with the little relay *tick, the only thing else that does it that fast is a hardware ABY pedal, and HX stomp is actually faster since it switches when the footswitch makes electrical contact halfway down, you don't actually have to click through the whole switch travel of a mechanical switch. it's so satisfying omfg
  22. converters and the output stage are analog, they need pixie pressure
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