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  1. I have tried, it doesn't like me though!
  2. If only I could I would, but the website has it in for me.
  3. Just started up Workbench and I can't believe it doesn't work with the Helix! What were they thinking of, every Line 6 video of the helix has someone playing a variax!
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for the ideas. I used the Helix for 6 hours today and didn't see the problem once. Let's see what happens..... Cheers Andy
  5. Nope 10.10.5 On Snow Leopard you would need to set "resample" on for the helix. Hopefully that would work.
  6. At a guess it probably will. I have used the aggregate device all day here with zero problems, without it my audio descends into noise after a couple of minutes.
  7. OS X is very susceptible to bad clocking info from USB audio devices: CoreAudio is a multi client system, each client can use a different buffer size (as long as it is smaller than the driver ring buffer) to the same audio stream, therefore each thread will need waking at different times. It is important to note that in OS X there is a disconnect between the actual driver data and the client user space data, you do not have direct access to the hardware driver as it was on OS 9. CoreAudio uses a push model where it pushes the data to the clients, same data, different sizes at different times, so it is predictive in it's timing and this is based on the driver data. Timing issues are more general in USB interfaces and CoreAudio double checks the driver timings against an expected behaviour model, if the timings depart too much from the norm then CoreAudio will ignore them. ​What this means in the end is that the Client (Say A DAW) is woken at the wrong time to process the input audio leading to audio problems. Windows ASIO does not work (usually) this way as the audio system is single client, unless you are running a multiple client ASIO driver for example the steinberg one. It would be interesting to see if the steinberg one suffers.
  8. I don;t seem to be able to register on http://line6.ideascale.comno verifications email is sent to me, also tried Facebook login and that didm't work. So I guess my main improvement request would be "Enable me to register so I can add a request"! Edit: ok now I have the verification email (should have waited longer) but now when trying to add a password I get "|Your profile is sandboxed. Your profile will be sandboxed if you already have an IdeaScale account and you log-in with a 3rd party authentication provider who you have not marked as trusted in your profile. unlock your profile" To "unlock your profile" I need to enter my password, bit of a catch 22!
  9. A bit of an update: I set up the Helix and my Apollo Duo as an aggregate device with the Apollo as the clock source and drift correction turned on for the Helix. This sorts out the input noise from the Helix, no more problems even at a buffer size of 32. The audio out on the aggregate device does suffer from the odd click though.
  10. That is what I will have to do, it is advertised as having 8 channel low latency USB Audio though!
  11. Usb was connected, nothing sending midi over it though. I will email support and see what they have to say.....
  12. Hi guys thanks for the info. I won't hold my breath, they never got the HD500 driver working properly so I don't have much hope for the helix.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Most recent firmware, downloaded and installed by the line 6 installer app. Cheers Andy
  14. Hi Guys, I got the helix today and this has happened to me twice now. While editing a preset suddenly the helix just changes to another random patch and I loose all my edits. Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers Andy
  15. Hi Guys, I see lots of people having issues with El Capitan and the Helix audio over USB but I am also having problems on Yosemite. It doesn't matter what buffer size I choose after a while the audio just turns into noise, flipping the buffer sizes then makes it work for a while again. My HD500 never worked over USB with 3 macs, is the helix going to be the same or am I alone here? Cheers Andy
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