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  1. Maybe someone can help me out, it's a simple test. Create a new patch with the "Stone Age 185" amp+cab, just that nothing more and have a play. I hear similar distortion to the original poster, here is a link: https://soundcloud.com/bobthedog/0003-3-audio-copy-2 This was played using a G&L Legacy (Strat Clone), bridge pickup. The pickups are low output. Is this sound normal? many thanks Andy https://soundcloud.com/bobthedog/0003-3-audio-copy-2
  2. I get this sound as well, seems to be more prevalent with certain amps and is more noticeable just as they move from clean to slightly saturated. I just thought this was the "sound" of the helix and steer clear of the amp models that suffer from this.
  3. Keep at it. I have found Line 6 support to be pretty good once you get past the initial default support type "go away" responses. Just repeat with more detail the problem, images, videos or whatever to show that you know what you are doing.
  4. I was going to say check the impedance/pad settings but after re-reading your post I see you have. As phil says a pre gain block or a pre eq block may be useful to drop the levels a bit overall or at certain frequencies, for me that has helped with "problem" humbuckers. I have quite a few guitars and it would be wonderful if on the helix you could have a set of guitars where for each guitar you could have Impedance/pad settings, pre eq and post eq remembered or have presets for blocks where you could call these settings up. Hopefully one day.
  5. With the new driver I can use 32 samples at 44.1 and 48 with no problems. 64 samples is needed for 88.2 and 96. This is on 10.10 though.
  6. I'm more than happy with my Helix as well and I have a Kemper. Both have different strengths, both are extremely good.
  7. Midi doesn't work here, it is gone. Audio seems to work here though. Just so I get this right, say in Logic X if your audio input device is set to the Helix if you add a mono audio track and set the source to input 7 you are not getting the unprocessed audio from the Helix? You are definitely using the Helix device and not "System Setting" as your input device?
  8. Or use Automator, its there on every mac. Attached is a zip file with an Automator script packaged as an app to rename the files, put it on your desktop. Then in finder select the files you want to rename (you may want to back them up somewhere just incase) now drag and drop them onto the app and it will rename them. Also a screen dump of how to set up automator to do this if you don't want to use the app. AddSequence.app.zip
  9. nope this is on 10.10.5. Before when running as class compliant I was getting noise after a minute or so which would last a few seconds, then it would work for a minute or so, then noise for a few seconds. One thing I have noticed is that the "Line 6 Audio-Midi Devices" in "System Preferences" does not see the new Helix driver.
  10. Hi DI, Just did a quick test here for 10 minutes and it works perfectly, no nasty noises like before. Thanks very much for this :) Andy
  11. The other interface.
  12. Unfortunately 10.11.4 doesn't help fix the fact that the helix USB audio here doesn't work on 10.10 or 10.9! No problem with the Helix app connecting though.
  13. But you only have two patches, it seems people want instant changes between more than two patches.
  14. I have been reading this thread with interest, the patch changing time doesn't bother me but I can see that it bothers plenty of others. There is always going to be a delay when loading a patch as the helix currently stands, the patch has to load from storage and then initialise, whilst this is happening all sound is cut. I am sure Line 6 have put quite a lot of work into minimising this time and I bet they are still working on it. A scene type functionality would help out to avoid tap dancing but this still wouldn't help the people that want to use many very different sounds with no interruption. So the only thing that Line 6 can do is to have a mode where your patch can only use half the DSP, when you switch patch the new patch is loaded into the other DSP while the current patch is playing. There would still be a delay for the Load/Init so it would require you to time you patch change to take this into account but at least there is no audio dropout. Now some (but less) people would still moan about this, so to please those people Line 6 would have to use a system where you have an ordered sequence of patches, now the system can always have the next patch in the sequence pre-loaded avoiding the Load/Init time, so now we have instant patch changing. Some (but even less) people will complain about this as they don't want to be stuck with a pre-ordered list of patches. So from Line 6s perspective they need to find the level at which they are willing to invest expensive development time to the number of disgruntled customers, probably not an easy calculation.
  15. Actually the switches send midi, the EXP pedal doesn't.
  16. you are not going mad! I just did a test where I send CC1 to the Helix over USB, it then echoes it back twice: 1850.678 To HELIX Control 1 1 37 1850.679 From HELIX Control 1 1 37 1850.680 From HELIX Control 1 1 37 If you turn midi thru off on the helix it echoes it once: 2060.893 From HELIX Control 1 1 116 2060.896 To HELIX Control 1 1 116 Both cases seem pretty wrong to me. Also I can't get any of the controls on the Helix to send midi over the USB.
  17. Well line 6 say it is an issue with multi channel class compiant devices on OSX. Maybe they should tell that the Allen & Heath whose class compliant mixers work fine with OS X, or maybe Tascam or yamaha.
  18. I don't think any of that will help the slow handling of the sliders via the mouse! If I change a parameter on the helix the editor updates smoothly and quickly, if I drag the sliders in the editor it's like a stuttering fool.
  19. To be quite honest after using the editor for an hour I realise how good the editing on the Helix actually is, far better than the editor! The editor is slow and cumbersome on my 12 core MacPro which isn't a slow machine!
  20. Just had a play with 1.10.0, same as before. After couple of minutes turns into noise :(
  21. The USB audio (and I guess midi) on the helix has problems as far as I can see, I am guessing this is some form of timing issue. Line 6 have been blaming Apple for this but I am not too sure myself. The USB on mine with two macs causes the same sort of issues you have been seeing with audio. I did test the 1.10.0 yesterday for a bit and the USB audio seems much more stable but I haven't had the chance to check it properly as I have done my back in :(
  22. Hi Guys, Has anyone worked out how to do an undo in the editor? Cheers Andy
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