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  1. Hi Guys, I thought I would get Helix Native using the SALE30 coupon code, the email says: For a very short time, get 30% off all software items in the Line 6 online store including Helix® Native, POD Farm®, Model Packs, and Echo Farm™! When I try to use the code it tells me it is not valid. Has anyone else used this code for Helix Native? Cheers Andy
  2. Well I'm for one a bit upset about this. Since having the Helix since day one I'm still not sure I have mastered all the effects, amps, cabs and the interaction between them. As far as I can see L6 are just making it all more complicated, I would rather they removed stuff to get down to the 1-3 amps, and maybe 6 pedals that people really need. I won't sleep well tonight thats for sure.
  3. The input on my Helix is also very low on every guitar I have tried, I use a clean boost pedal before the input. I must admit I have always wondered if mine is faulty, I have been waiting for them to add in some metering so I could compare it to others!
  4. Ok, great. Thanks for the info. I guess I just have to go through every patch and save each snapshot as a different patch.
  5. Thanks for the info. So what happens with all my patches with snapshots, I just can only use snapshot 1?
  6. Still looses connection here and then repeatedly crashes till I unplug and plug back in the helix. Same as before
  7. And today it is back to fizzy for me, so either I am going mad, something was set up differently or something is awry!
  8. Thanks very much for the info, looks like I have no excuse not to buy it now :)
  9. bobthedog

    2 30 update

    I just wanted to say what a great update this is. The new amps are good and the Cosmos Echo and Bleat Chop trem are fantastic. Also I think some of the amps at least sound better! To top it all the HX editor works so much more smoothly on my mac than the last editor with a much better upgrade system for the helix. Excellent job Line6 guys :)
  10. For me there is a difference in the "fizz", it is noticeable adding a default Stone Age or Soup Pro anyway. The fizz sounds filtered now, less high frequency content. It sounds better to me. Of course this all could be in my head!
  11. Hi Guys, I see that resizing has been added to helix native and just wondered if this is working well for people, is there a limit to how big you can resize it? Is it now just the same as the new HX editor? I tried downloading the new version to see if I could test it but the demo period isn't restarted with this release so it won't start :( Thanks for any help Andy
  12. A plus vote for the new editor here on my mac, now I can move the sliders without 1/2 second delay in them updating! Makes it more useable for me. If they updated the helix plugin to size like the editor I would be all over it. Edit : looks like they have added resizing to the plugin :)
  13. That seems to be the wrong link, it just takes us back here, round and round and round.
  14. Just wanted to add my thanks for the update procedure, I hadn't updated from .20 to .21 due to the face I didn't want to spend ages doing it and most likely messing things up which had happened before! Now it is super simple, nice job guys.
  15. I have only had one registered product for a while, I have never been sure what happened to all the others!
  16. Well, I have moved my Helix and stopped editing with the hardware and moved to the editor and all I get are problems with the helix editor and the helix via usb, this is on a MacPro 12 core trashcan running OS X 10.12.6: 1. Helix not found on startup of app: If I look at the usb devices in the OS the helix is there, unplugging it and then plugging it back in it and the editor picks it up. 2. Using the editor it disconnects when not using it for a while, helix not found. From this point on helix editor just crashes until you pull the usb lead and connect it again and then it starts up: Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 libusb-1.0.0.dylib 0x0000000102f50f1e do_close + 254 1 libusb-1.0.0.dylib 0x0000000102f51092 libusb_close + 226 2 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f3db0f L6HelixDevice::disconnectHelper() + 239 3 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f2dbb7 L6HelixDevice::disconnect() + 87 4 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f2ecda L6HelixDevice::prepareForDeviceInfo() + 2458 5 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f2d5ab L6HelixDevice::initialize(L6PlatformObject*, bool (*)(L6Variant&)) + 571 6 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f3bd91 L6DeviceCenter_OSX::instanceDevice(L6PlatformObject*) + 145 7 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f3bb2b L6DeviceCenter_OSX::enumerateUsbDevices(bool) + 875 8 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f26d51 L6DeviceCenterBase::initialize(bool, bool (*)(L6Variant&), bool) + 113 9 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f3b538 L6DeviceCenter_OSX::initialize(bool, bool (*)(L6Variant&)) + 120 10 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101e4235a DeviceController::initialize() + 490 11 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101e890be DeviceController* HelixControlLayer::createController<DeviceController>(QString const&) + 254 12 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101e87e79 HelixControlLayer::HelixControlLayer(NormalizationAlgorithmFactory*, Editor*, FileOpenRequestWatcher*, QObject*) + 1049 13 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f073b6 Helix::Helix(FileOpenRequestWatcher*, QObject*) + 1334 14 com.line6.helixedit 0x0000000101f1d947 main + 935 15 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fffd3171235 start + 1 I am not using the USB audio or midi and have no problems with the large number of other usb devices I have attached to this computer. I have tried different usb cables and different usb ports on hubs as well as direct connection to the computer. Anyone any ideas?
  17. The thing Is I guess that it sounds pretty good, I just wanted to do some re-amping and decided to not fluff around with the Helix or Kemper hardware and use the plugins I had instead, which came down to NI Guitar rig, Waves guitar, pod farm and the free UAD guitar sims. None sound as good as the Helix or Kemper. So for me the plugin at $99 should be a no-brainer but I just cannot get over the interface, it upsets me!
  18. So you don't have to scroll around to edit params? The resolution of the monitor is only 2560x1600, on OSX. I would love there to be a fix for the size problem with no scrolling, I would buy it in a flash. My main fear is they make the normal editor the same as the plugin!
  19. The awful GUI is the only reason I won't pay the 99 for the plugin. At it's most basic it fails as it is absolutely tiny on my 30 inch monitor, it cannot be resized and I have to scroll windows to get to parameters to change them. Madness! Add the ability to resize it, or at least have two sizes one where you don't need to scroll and I will buy it.
  20. Any piece of kit you need for work you need a backup. If you are really paranoid you need three.
  21. If I was a megastar artist I would have many different amps, many different pedal board setups, many guitars on stage (one for each song). I would have guys that carried all this around for me, set it all up, changed stuff remotely so I don't need to fluff around too much with switches, tuned my guitars, changed the strings and wiped my sweating brow with Egyptian cotton hankies. Unfortunately as I am a p.i,s,s Artist that does this for fun and beer money I'll just chuck a couple of guitars and a Helix in the van and drink beer.
  22. I have guitars with coil tapping that do this on their own! A gain block at the start of the chain assigned to a switch does wonders, every patch I make has one or maybe two of these.
  23. As I can run 45 tracks of Helix on my Mac I don't think it is a general mac problem. If mac users can tell me a patch they are having difficulties with I can do some tests here and we can compare the results.
  24. You don't have to but it though, for me in its current state it isn't worth the money so I wouldn't buy it even if it was 25 euros. Others will but I'm not upset about that. If they sort out the GUI and the automation then I would maybe get it.
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