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  1. 21469s depending on clock speed: 2.4 to 2.7 GFLOPS, an I7 is significantly faster, just had a quick look a 6700k is around 113 GFLOPS, so around 28 GFLOPS per core.
  2. One thing I have learnt about USB3 based macs is they don't always play nice with USB2 gear. I stick all USB2 stuff though USB2 hubs and everything works much better that way, whatever the manufacturers may say.
  3. Mine freezes on startup quite a bit, not noticed the -28. I will look closer next time.
  4. Thats because they don't have to make little grunting noises and cries of pain when they bend over and pick things up like us old farts. The idea of lugging amps and pedal boards around now fills me with dread and my lower back starts spasming at the thought of it.
  5. Doesn't it sort of work out depending on the original and the sold article, based on how derivative it is. For instance if I buy a set of drum samples. I then process these drum samples and sell them as a set of drum samples I would be looking for trouble. If I was to take these drum samples and then make a set of loops using these drum samples and sell the loops then I would be in a bit of a grey area as the loops could be deconstructed to get the near to the original samples even though I am selling a different product. If I was to make an album using the drum samples then everything would be fine. So for IRs I would guess using them to create other IRs is very derivative and it's a no no.
  6. I have both and the Kemper definitely adds something to the mix, basically it sounds a bit better than the helix in the amp modelling department and there are a large number of patches to download that sound really good. It is far simpler to make it sound good than it is the Helix. The Helix also adds something, it is a pleasure to set up compared to the Kemper, it has far better routing ability and I/O, you can change the input impedance which I think is very important and the UI is 100% better. For Studio/Home use they make a good combination, for live use I would just use the Helix. The audience has absolutely no idea of the nuances in sound between the two! I have to agree, the difference is huge for most manufacturers, just play some PRS SEs, S2s, CEs, core line and the expensive stuff to see the massive difference as your wallet gets lighter! Three manufacturers that I think can make decent cheaper guitars are G&L, Godin and Brian Moore. I have a few of these in the £1500-£2000 range that put Gibsons, Fenders and PRSs costing twice as much to shame.
  7. The editor is like a nightmare on my mac though, the sliders have about a second lag it just isn't useable. With the joystick I always save the patch before touching it!
  8. I'm not an expert but it sounds like something resonating in the room rather than room resonance. I have heard a similar problem in a room with a desk with hollow metal desk legs, this was fixed fixed by filling them up with concrete! Loop some guitar that causes the issue and move around the room trying to listen for where it might be coming from.
  9. Ah, so I'm not alone then. Lets all hope it is just a software glitch.
  10. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies. No USB plugged in at all and running 2.11 at the moment. It started fine this morning, maybe it was having a bad day yesterday! Cheers Andy
  11. Hi Guys, Has anyone had this problem before? Just happened to me twice, third time It started. Slightly worried :( Andy
  12. This looks good, is it free/cheaper for Helix owners?
  13. Thanks for the Variax support guys, that is fantastic news.
  14. I have never got the toe switch to work, totally hopeless on mine!
  15. Nice idea, please up vote here: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Free-Puppies/830029-23508
  16. I did some tests for the other tuner thread: It sounds like L6 are going to improve it though from what I read here.
  17. I' not sure why you are taking that tone with me? As far as I can see (and I have read your post again) you are saying that it has only become common practice since 2007. You are quite obviously wrong here! Edit: Looked back over the entire thread, you were the same guy that was originally arguing with me over the undo. Now I understand.
  18. Windows update was originally in windows 95, a fair few years before 2007.
  19. Only personal experience, nothing more.
  20. Not testing, testing improves quality. Spending a large amount of time writing software that tests software does reduce quality. Actually I should qualify that: : Spending a large amount of time writing software that unit tests software does reduce quality.
  21. I wouldn't call it relatively new, for the general public its been going on for quite a few years, since they connected to the internet as you say, but quite a few years. For corporate use years longer. What has changed is "developers" writing more testing code than real code, this is detrimental to quality. Who watches the watchers.
  22. Very interesting videos, the tour one was so good I watched it twice :)
  23. Its because whenever things are looking tricky they start surfing the net and posting on forums. I remember when there was no net and you used to go have a ciggy and coffee instead (at your desk as well, ah fond memories). Far more healthy work style then in my opinion.
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