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  1. Reinstalling the firmware didn't have any effect.
  2. Yes , Yes , Yes and Yes , but I'll try to reinstall it yet again . But it didn't have an effect .
  3. But it's on all the patches. Where's the problem ? What could it be? I lowered the treble to 0 on a few patches and it won't go away...seems to be connected to the Drive ...
  4. http://rapidshare.com/share/7DA96275065C8524D49D13F9AAE2F244 I know the tone sounds bad but it seems that when I boosted the mids on this amp (Treadplate) and cranked the volume up , I could hear it clearer. I showed it to someone else but he said he can't hear it...it's like a high pitch buzz when you hit the string or chord ... like when you hear a crackling sound in your headphones when they start deteriorating.
  5. 1) ESP LTD KH-602 with EMG 81/60 2)AKG headphones , KRK Monitors 3) Input 1 : Guitar 4)Single Amp but I don't see it making a difference 5)1/4" Out : Line but I usually play on headphone Mode : Studio Direct
  6. Good day ! I seem to be having a problem when I play distorted and I have no idea if it's from the pod or my guitar . When I play distorted , I seem to be having a second distortion "behind" the distortion of the amp . It's a bright distortion , not loud but noticeable , and it sounds like when you have a slightly broken speaker that gives a crackling sound at certain frequencies. It's not because of my speakers , I recorded the sound and listened to it through different speakers and headphones . So it's either from the guitar or from the POD . It appeared out of the blue , after the last update but it turned up after a few days ( or I didn't notice it before ) Can anyone give me any advice ? Has anyone ever had this problem ? It's not from the jack input ... I took it out , all the wires are soldered , I cleaned it ... Thank you !
  7. I'm not recording , I want to listen in real time , to monitor it... Hmm . Lets say I have a CLEAN signal coming from the POD into the DAW and I have an amplifier on a VST in the DAW ... I want to click the "Monitor" button , and I hear the CLEAN + the signal with the added amplifier into the headphones. I want to not hear that clean signal . I know I hear the clean signal doubled because I have the headphones connected into the POD ( the pod producing the signal directly in to the headphones ) and the POD used as an external sound card . My question is , how to mute the sound of the pod heard in the headphones.
  8. Good day , The title is not really the most appropriate ...but I didn't know how to call my problem , so allow me to explain . I connect my POD HD to the PC via USB and use it as an external sound card , I use it with my DAW to record . I set up my effects on the POD HD and my signal , with effects and all , is fed into the DAW . To the before-mentioned signal , I add effects directly from the DAW and I want to hear the sound in REAL TIME as I am playing . But when I want to hear it in real time , I hear the signal doubled : The RAW SIGNAL that is fed into the DAW from my POD HD and the RAW SIGNAL + DAW EFFECTS both come back through my headphones or speakers. Is there a way to mute this RAW SIGNAL , so I could hear only the signal that comes back from the DAW ?
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